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Why is everyone, like, so dramatic? — Get eye makeup ideas from Euphoria

Why is everyone, like, so dramatic? — Get eye makeup ideas from Euphoria

Euphoria pulls viewers with its relatable and captivating stories. People learn about the pained characters’ stories during their teenage years, dealing with toxic relationships and exploring themselves. It was an excellent production; the scripts were on point, as were the restless clothes and makeup of the characters.

“Why is everyone, like, so dramatic?” Get eye makeup ideas from Euphoria

Eye makeup looks from Euphoria depict different meanings and the relationship of colors and designs to every character. Their makeup fulfilled their personalities and made a huge impact on the entire series. 

Shapes, lines, and spikes

Maddy’s signature winged eyeliner that goes longer and longer is one of the makeup looks that made headlines and started a new whole trend. Maddy’s eyeliner looks are always sharp and immaculate, this equates to her strong personality and powerful lines in the series. 

Jules is also depicted in a variety of abstracts; her eye makeup alternated from smooth curves, small shapes, and spikes, which reflect her mental state and overcoming femininity. There were little and asymmetrical looks from her. 

Everything that shines

What’s Euphoria without sparkly makeup? It’s always about the shiny eyeshadows, sequins around or on eyebrows, and glittery tears. Cassie likes her looks with soft shimmers on her lids, peachy colors, and dramatic lower lash lines. Her usual eye outfits show her personality that wants to attract attention.

Another Maddy look, there are episodes where she has sequins around and rhinestones covering her eyebrows.

Next is Rue with her glitter tears and star stickers. Usually, her face is bare but glitters represent the unbearable crying that she keeps.

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Colorful eye palette 

While other characters had specific colors, Kat had playful changes of shades. Viewers saw her looks from blue eyeshadows, green liners, and pink wings. Her colors brighten as she discovers more of herself and builds confidence.

Jules’ looks depend on her mood and she also tried having a palette on her eyes. 

Simple and retro

Lexi is known for her red lip, but in detail, she tried pink and purple ombré and some wings on her eye makeup. She has dainty and gentle touches of boldness in her. Her simple makeup looks are fierce and made in retro style.

“90% of life is confidence, and the thing about confidence is that no one knows if it’s real or not” – Maddy Perez

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