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5 Creative And Environmentally-Friendly Ways To Wrap Gifts

5 Creative And Environmentally-Friendly Ways To Wrap Gifts

September has officially waved hello, which marks the beginning of the most anticipated period of the year! Enter the Christmas season, known to be the season of gift-giving. Consequently, as the season begins as early as now, most of us are already searching for the best gift ideas. And while we’re at it, perhaps gift-wrapping comes to us as a mere afterthought. Maybe we consider it as something of lesser importance. However, in our callousness in picking the right gift wraps, sometimes, we act harmfully against the environment.

Though ‘tis the season known to be jolly, more often than not, the holidays don’t equate to being eco-friendly. With waste products doubling over the season, it seems the environment will not be in merriment during the period. But as responsible citizens, it is our obligation to do our nature right. With that, we have perfectly wrapped a few handy-dandy gift-wrapping tips to be of help.

5 Creative And Environmentally-Friendly Ways To Wrap Gifts


Known for its durability, Kraft paper, or Brown Paper as we know it, is commonly used for packaging goods. However, did you know that brown paper is also a great eco-friendly gift wrap option for us eco-warriors?

Kraft paper is considered eco-friendly as it is highly sustainable. Following a simpler production process, the brown paper uses fewer chemicals and is also unbleached. Hence, it is the strongest among common paper packaging options.

Furthermore, Kraft paper is also 100% biodegradable and can be also made of 100% recycled paper. So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly wrapping option that is also aesthetically pleasing, Kraft paper might just do the trick.


What better eco-friendly gift wrap option there is than those that are readily available at home? Usually, newspapers and magazine pages are just at arm’s reach for most of us. But frequently, these materials are easily discarded just for the lack of purposes they might serve. However, as the Christmas holidays are fast-approaching, why not make use of these materials as a gift wrap option? After all, wrapping your gifts in newspapers and magazine pages isn’t completely unheard of.

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Ever had an extravagant phase when you lavished yourself on online purchases? If yes, then, you might have probably had bunches of packages delivered in boxes to your home. And maybe you just don’t know what to use it for, so you throw it away. Now, hold your horses right there, ’cause we can keep that for later use. Why not reuse it for future gift wraps to save a little money and be more eco-friendly?


Yes, you got that right! Who knew mason jars can actually be good packaging for our cute little gifts? Conveniently have unused jars sitting on your cupboard? Perhaps you’re considering giving out sweet little treats you could fit in a jar. If so, then prepping your sweet little jar of surprise with cute little ribbons and a few personal notes can just do the trick. It is a cute gift idea that is easy to prepare, highly presentable, affordable, and environmentally friendly.


Last on the list is the basket packaging suggestion. With some old baskets possibly haphazardly placed somewhere around the house, maybe you’re finding ways to repurpose them. Then, why not try out these gift basket ideas for the incoming holidays? Gift baskets are more spacious, hence if you’re planning on packing in more goods into your gifts, then you could opt for this eco-friendly option.

Celebrating the holiday season with gift-giving need not be expensive nor environmentally harmful. Why not give the above mentioned gift-wrapping tips a try to make the upcoming holiday season a more eco-friendly celebration?

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