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Filipino Traditions during “Ber” Months

Filipino Traditions during “Ber” Months

Nothing beats Christmas celebrations in the Philippines! This is most likely because the majority of Filipinos are Christians, with approximately 82% being Catholics, making Christmas a significant event throughout the country.

Aside from that, the Philippines has the longest and earliest Christmas celebration that starts during the Ber months, from SeptemBER up until DecemBER. But what do Filipinos do during “Ber” Months?

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane with Filipino traditions during “Ber” months!

Gift Shopping

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Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones is a bit stressful, especially if you don’t have an idea about what they want to receive. As soon as Jose Mari Chan’s music fills the airwaves, Filipinos start roaming around the malls looking for gifts. They are taking advantage of the holiday sales while avoiding long queues at the cashier as Christmas approaches.

Christmas Carols

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Christmas would be incomplete without carols. Despite the pandemic, Filipinos were able to conduct caroling online. What’s great about this tradition is that it has no age restrictions. Anyone of any age can start knocking on your door, singing Christmas songs.
Another entertaining aspect of carols is that they do not have to be perfect. In fact, when it comes to songs and gimmicks, the more humorous, the better.
So, brace yourself for various Christmas carols you will hear throughout the holiday season.

Shining, Shimmering Lanterns

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In addition to Christmas carols, you will undoubtedly observe dazzlingly colorful lanterns and holiday decorations. It is typically hung outside people’s homes and on the streets during this time of year.

Although the lanterns come in a variety of designs, it is impossible for Filipinos not to feature a star. The star-shaped design represents the “Star of Bethlehem,” which prompted the three wise men to travel to Jerusalem and led them to the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem.

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Endless Christmas Parties

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Delicious food, stunning outfits, enjoyable games, and more– What’s not to love with Christmas parties? Whether for work, barkadas, or family, a Christmas party is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and celebrate with loved ones.

Simbang Gabi

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A Filipino Christmas is incomplete without Simbang Gabi, a deeply rooted Filipino culture and tradition. It is also known as “Misa de Gallo,” a devotional, nine-day series of masses Filipino Catholics attend in preparation for Christmas. This novena concludes with the festive celebration of Noche Buena.

Holidays are best enjoyed when you’re with the people who mean the most to you. Stay in touch with your loved ones during this season, but make sure to follow safety protocols.

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