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Join Home Buddies to reinvent your Filipino homes

Join Home Buddies to reinvent your Filipino homes

What is your biggest budol? Clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, food, or home appliances and furniture? Most of us found an opportunity to reinvent our homes and spaces, thanks to the pandemic. Since most of us are stuck in our homes during quarantine, of course, it would be fitting to have a comfortable and pleasing ambiance to somehow ease the cabin fever right?

If you’re planning to renovate your home, beautify some space, tips, and tricks in home management, or look for suggestions on some of the chic and aesthetic novelties or fixtures, don’t fret because Home Buddies will help to make these plans into reality.

Home Buddies and its first-steps

Home Buddies is a Facebook group, founded in September 2020 by Frances Lim Cabatuando. The group has 2.6 million members, as of writing. The group grew exponentially and garnered attention from netizens because of its note-worthy tips and hacks for home management and DIY redecorations and makeovers. Nobi Homes, an Instagram account documenting her home improvement journey, inspired Cabatuando. This gave her the idea in establishing the FB group.

Frances said in an online interview with Rappler

We’re all just buddies here, kapitbahays, friends, so anyone is free to share and speak up. It doesn’t matter how your house looks, or how much your budget is, as long as you’re interested in improving your home, the group is your safe space.

Home Buddies serves as an inspiration for everyone who’s planning to start building their own dream houses from scratch. Before, one still needed to consult an interior designer or architect for suggestions for organizing their homes. This requires a lot of effort, time, and financial considerations. But now with just a quick scroll on the internet, there is already a number of ideas and suggestions to choose from.

Join Home Buddies to reinvent your Filipino homes

Go-to “mood board” for appealing home aesthetic.

Filipinos are known as resourceful, creative, and ingenious. That is why we always wanted to beautify things without of course spending a dime. These concepts are what made Home Buddies an ideal community for many. It offers a variety of ideas and inspiration that makes home makeovers and renovations possible and easier. You don’t need to be an expert in spaces and furniture, all you need is a splash of creativity and resourcefulness.

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It’s interactive and engaging.

Another reason revolves around the said group being interactive and engaging. Home Buddies is a welcoming community that lets anyone in the group share their own tips and ideas. Facebook as its platform did help in making the interaction possible, as it is not just a one-way or linear type, but rather a two-way type of engagement. Additionally, photos and videos personally came to members themselves, with their very own, candid experiences, which makes it genuine and worth the try.

The community is not just for beautifying home spaces.

Others within the group also share inspiring stories on how they built and achieved their dream houses from nothing. These kinds of shared experiences in the group what makes it very personal and humanly, as doesn’t just tackle a variety of guides and steps in DIY renovations and makeovers.

We can all say that Home Buddies already became part of our quarantine lifestyle. It effectively diverted our attention and concern to the harmful COVID-19 virus. Aside from it making us preoccupied during quarantine, it also unraveled the creativity that we never knew we had. It reminded us that things shouldn’t be complicated and impossible. What is only needed is the will and inspiration to make everything and anything possible.

Want to know more about Home Buddies? Click here.

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