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BJ Pascual Photographs You Should Recreate for Your Instagram

BJ Pascual Photographs You Should Recreate for Your Instagram

BJ Pascual is one of the most talented and sought-after Filipino photographers. With his visionary mind and one-of-a-kind prowess in photography, he captures his photographs smoothly. Whether it is personal or editorial, he never fails to leave people in awe. 

Photo from: BJ Pascual, Instagram | Photo by: Andrea Beldua

Nowadays, people seem to live in a world of thousands and thousands of pictures, or rather, people live for pictures. And social media platforms, like Instagram, justify and inspires people’s enthusiasm for photographs or photography. Like everyone else, BJ Pascual uses the said platform to share his love and passion for pictures. 

BJ Pascual Photographs You Should Recreate for Your Instagram

mirror mirror at the beach

BJ Pascual and Sarah Lahbati flaunted their summer-ready bodies with this creative mirror shot. While the photographer wore less, his simple photograph certainly speaks with so much artistry. For sure, this photograph will inspire people to be fit, visit the beach, and bring their mirrors. After all, mirror shots are pretty much in demand on social media and everybody wants summer to remember.

Photo | BJ Pascual, Instagram

jwu, but trese

In a Trese-inspired cover shoot, Liza Soberano who voiced the lead in the series sits in bed not to sleep but to slay. Every now and then, people take flattering photos of themselves while in bed and tag them with a #justwokeup or #JustWokeUp, depending on their liking. Perhaps, this BJ Pascual photograph of the Trese star is one of the best versions of that trend. Upgrade your #JustWokeUp looks by striking a pose as Alexandra Trese!

Photo | BJ Pascual, Instagram

lights, camera, action!

In his Musings episode with Janine Gutierrez on his YouTube channel, BJ Pascual, his team, and the said actress recreated the iconic looks of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, Nora Aunor in Himala, and Tippi Hedren in The Birds. With this iconic look of the latter, you can channel your inner actress or actor. And if you want a dramatic Instagram update, this evocative photograph will be your perfect guide.

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Photo | BJ Pascual, Instagram

sultry and wet

In another Musings episode on his YouTube channel, BJ Pascual and his team played with water to give Maris Racal a new look, or rather, a sultry wet look. This photograph screams rainy days. So, if the rain pours, you know what to do. Get all your friends together to give you the splash that will make you look like a sexy water goddess or a singing siren.

Photo | BJ Pascual, Instagram

unreal, but very real

BJ Pascual takes you to utopia with this dreamlike photo of Catriona Gray for Preview. Not sure how you will recreate this photograph, but you should give it a try with a silver lining. Yes, it sounds like it, but it’s not a pun. On the other hand, without a doubt, recreating this photo will provoke creativity and fun. Hence, you should try this out for a magical and artistic Instagram post.

Photo | BJ Pascual, Instagram

These are just five; BJ Pascual got more! So, make sure to visit his Instagram account and YouTube channel for more incredible photoshoot ideas. What are you waiting for? Go! Get your cameras or phones and elevate your Instagram posts now!

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