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15 Costumes To Recreate This Halloween 2022

15 Costumes To Recreate This Halloween 2022

The best Halloween costume ideas are the easiest ones to recognize. From popular television shows and movies to viral celebrity looks, there is no shortage of Halloween costume inspirations to sink your fangs into. 

So, let me just round up fifteen of the best costume ideas to recreate for this year’s Halloween:

Max | Stranger Things

Max is probably the most famous character this year due to Sadie Sink’s impressive acting. Grab yourself an ‘80s sports jacket, either a white shirt or a grid shirt underneath, over-ear headphones, blue jeans, and a pair of canvas sneakers. Sing Kate Bush’s Running Up That Kill the entire night and you’re all set for a Halloween party! 

Netflix | Stranger Things

Young Taylor | All Too Well: The Short Film (Taylor’s Version)

As mentioned earlier, Sadie Sink has been giving us impeccable acting left and right. From Stranger Things to The Whale to Taylor Swift’s short film All Too Well (Taylor’s Version). All you need to do is grab a red scarf reminiscent of both the lyrics and the 15-minute film. If you have red hair like hers, then it will absolutely be perfect. 

Taylor Swift | YouTube

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling | Barbie and Ken

We’ve seen outfits everywhere that subscribe to the Barbiecore aesthetic. Pink-on-pink-on-pink outfits went viral on TikTok and can be seen on the red carpet, and on movie screens among others. The trend went around after Pierpaolo released the Valentino Pink collection. And, of course, Greta Gerwig’s upcoming live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has also nudged the pink movement one step further. 

Robert Pattinson | The Batman

Probably one of the best reiterations of the superhero, Robert Pattinson portrayed Batman in the 2022 film. You can either wear a classic black-and-white suit with black heavy eyeliner around your water line and carry around a Batman mask. Or, you can commit to an entire Batman suit. 

Zoë Kravitz | Catwoman

Seeing Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz onscreen just gives me bi panic. Zoë plays Selina Kyle’s Catwoman in the 2022 film. You can recreate this character in two different ways — an unmasked badass woman or the anti-heroine. You can dress up in a fitted black long-sleeved leather jacket with a white tank top underneath. That way, you can remove the jacket and the mask if you get too warm. Then, complete the outfit with a pair of fitted black leather pants, and black leather heeled boots. Make sure your make-up is as cat-like as Zoë’s and you’ll be perfect for Halloween.

Maddy | Euphoria

Y2K lives rent-free in our heads and hearts. So, pay homage to one of the most iconically fashion-forward Euphoria characters that actually deserves better, Maddy Perez. You can either replicate the cutout dress when she was banging on the bathroom door. Or, go for the easier options. Go for a cropped sleeveless corset-type top, black flared jeans and stilettos. Or, maybe a sage green knitted long-sleeved dress and matching-colored stilettos. Don’t forget to do your make-up the same way she does hers and you’ll be ready to be Maddy for Halloween. 

Jenna Ortega | Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega gives Wednesday Addams an all-new spin with the new Netflix show. It starts off with her getting expelled from school due to attempted murder after failing to get the job done. She, then, goes to an all-outcast school called Nevermore Academy. Of course, this wasn’t a remake or a reboot from Christina Ricci’s reiteration of Wednesday Addams — but a new chapter of the socially-awkward girl’s life as she explores her journey to adulthood. Aside from Christina’s outfit as Wednesday, Jenna has a lot more outfits to offer. You can wear her Nevermore uniform with a white collared top, a black blazer, a black sweater vest, a lengthy velvet skirt, and black combat boots. Or, you can go for her other easier outfit — a black and white striped long-sleeved shirt, an oversized black hoodie, a pair of black pants, and a pair of black boots. Just don’t ever forget the bangs and the braided pigtails. Then, you’ll be a *snap snap* perfect Wednesday for Halloween!

Emma Chamberlain

I don’t know about you but I’ve been watching Emma Chamberlain ever since she was seventeen and living in a town near San Francisco, California. For the past few years, she’s become an IT GIRL that everyone follows. Her outfits are easily-replicated, especially if you love going thrifting. You can wear an outfit inspired by her collaboration with Aritzia, Sunday’s Best — a knitted black long-sleeved top, a checkered skirt, a pair of white socks, and your favorite platform loafers. Or, you can go for her summer default outfit — a white tank top, an elegant knee-length skirt, white socks, and platform loafers. 

Harry Styles | Coachella 2022

Harry Styles has been having an eventful couple of years. And, his outfits never miss. From the Grammys to Coachella, he doesn’t seem to lose a feathery accessory. You can go for a matching pink button-down vest and a pair of matching pants. Then, accessorize with a silver belt and a pink feather boa or coat. Personally, the Grammy outfit is the easier pick when it comes to a Halloween costume. It only consists of a black leather blazer, black leather pants, black leather heeled boots, and a sage green feather boa. Sweep your hair and curl it up and buy temporary tattoos from online shops.

The Sanderson Sisters | Hocus Pocus

Lock up your children! Yes, Salem. They’re back! Nothing truly says Halloween quite like Hocus Pocus. So, there’s no costume as fitting as the Sanderson sisters for the occasion. After 29 years, Disney Plus started Hocus Pocus 2 streaming last September 30. There’s no better way to celebrate their comeback than dressing up as them for Halloween. So, grab two of your friends and be the Sanderson Sisters for the night. 

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Hocus Pocus 2 | Disney Plus

Wanda Maximoff | WandaVision

From three iconic witches to another, go for Wanda Maximoff’s easiest outfit as an exhausted mother. Grab a red hoodie and a dark blue shirt underneath. Complete it with a messy ponytail on a copper wig and denim jeans. Don’t forget to make fancy hand movements to reiterate that you’re the one and only Scarlet Witch. 

Anna Delvey | Inventing Anna

Anna Delvey wears polished outfits throughout the entire series of Inventing Anna. And, if you don’t have the money to replicate it, maybe it’s better to wear the outfits she wore for her courtroom appearances or when she had her mugshot taken. For her courtroom outfit, wear a long-sleeved flowy dress, a black choker, black closed stilettos, and a pair of black-rimmed eyeglasses. For her mugshot photo, on the other hand, you can go for a black sleeveless knee-length dress and a pair of black closed stilettos. Don’t forget to speak with an accent and have a judgy facial expression.

Paris Hilton | 2002 era

Paris Hilton is a multi-talented goddess. Aside from being a media personality, she’s also a businesswoman, a model, an entertainer, and a DJ. In 2002, she and Nicole Richie starred in The Simple Life as socialite best friends roughing it in a rural setting which is a very smart business move on her part. Despite being 41 years old, she continues to be in the spotlight in new and familiar ways. But, of course, her 2002 era will always be in our hearts. You can go for a Halloween costume inspired by her outfits during her 21st birthday celebration. You can wear a diamond-filled cowl neck dress, a diamond choker, a pair of pink stilettos, and a similarly hued bag. That’s hot!

Paris Hilton Style Evolution | Harper’s Bazaar

Esther | Orphan: First Kill

Orphan: First Kill serves as a prequel to the 2009 film, Orphan. Isabelle Fuhrman has scared us thirteen years ago and she has continued to do so as she reprised the role. All you need to have is a long-sleeved babydoll dress, a thick black felt choker, and ribbons for your pigtails.

Drea and Eleanor | Do Revenge

Starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke as Drea and Eleanor respectively, Do Revenge has quite the wardrobe range. From clique sweatshirts to their formal attires, they make anything look good. But, to be honest, their school uniforms are so aesthetically-pleasing that we just want to wear them every single day. As someone who attended a private Catholic school during her entire school life, I wished this was how my uniform looked like when I was growing up.

So, what do you plan on wearing for Halloween? Let us know!

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