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TikTok Finds: Back to School Outfit Ideas From Simxmargo

TikTok Finds: Back to School Outfit Ideas From Simxmargo

TikTok is not just for fun. It is an app invented to help an unfashionable person like me.

For the past years of the pandemic, I have already been used to wearing simple clothes or sleepwear when attending classes. My professors do not require everyone to appear at their best during a meeting but of course, it is highly encouraged. Now that Schools and Universities decided to participate in limited face-to-face classes, you might also be having difficulty choosing what to wear. Or is it just me?

Matching clothes is just so hard. If you have a dress code to follow, this will add to the difficulty. But here’s the catch, I have found someone who can help us! A TikToker (@simxmargo) decided to share her knowledge in this craft through the app.


Here are some of her Back to School Outfit Ideas you should try!


White Shirt Outfit Ideas <3 @fashionnova (links in comments) #f2f #fyp #4u #foryou #trend #tiktokfashion #viral #fypシ #foryoupage

♬ ZOOM – Jessi
You see, we could still appear neatly and nicely while following some dress code. Nothing goes wrong with white but we don’t want to receive punishments while wearing one, right? Wear white clothes that perfectly fits.

Here’s another part of her back-to-school outfit ideas and now with a twist! We don’t want to be left behind while our classmates wear aesthetic clothes, might as well try these. Her Pinterest Inspired Outfits click with my personality.

I would say I am the “Bagong Gising” type of student. Wearing baggy jeans with oversized shirts is just so me! How about you? What type of student are you based on her F2F Student Outfits?

F2F School Outfits for the Week⭐️ @CHNGE (links in comments) #chngepartner #f2f #schooloutfit #fyp #foryou #fypシ #viral #blowthisup @TikTok

♬ son original – ꨄꨄ
Last on the list is this video where she shared simple and comfy school outfits. Wearing comfortable clothes means the world to me. Getting stressed about school works and clothes is already too much to handle. I prefer getting stressed while wearing my best clothes.

Good thing, this beautiful TikToker chose to help us with our daily struggles. Watching simxmargo’s videos give me ideas about what to wear during my classes. Whatever type of student I am or whether we have a dress code or none, the outfits she shared which are also inspired by Pinterest photos inspired me to dress nicely. Clothes can be used as an expression so dress according to who you are.

Want to share some aesthetic and comfortable outfits of your own? Great! Share them with us here and let’s talk about them.

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