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Why You Should Stan Faouzia

Why You Should Stan Faouzia

I found out about Faouzia through an audition at a talent show, but she’s not the one singing. In 2020, I stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring Daneliya Tuleshova’s audition for America’s Got Talent.

The 13-year-old contestant (at that time) from Kazakhstan impressed me with her singing prowess and stage presence. Besides her impressive talent and young age, the song she sang in the show caught my attention—Tears of Gold. Little did I know, that song will make me discover the golden voice of the talented singer—Faouzia.

Photo from: Kenza Ouihya/@kenza.photo

I Instantly Became Her Fan

After watching Daneliya’s performance, I immediately checked if Faouzia owns a YouTube channel, and I learned that she has one. Fast forward, I found out that she has other songs and she also does song covers.

Moreover, she possesses an incredible voice that I love to call—out of this world. Since then, I listen to her songs or song covers every single chance that I get. I truly adore Faouzia so much because her talent and songs helped me cope with my personal issues.

With all that being said, I became a fan of Faouzia and I hope you also become one. So, without further ado, here are the reasons why you should stan Faouzia (right now).

Young and Talented

Among the singers I stan, I can say that Faouzia ranks one on my list of the most talented artists. The 21-year-old singer (as of writing) can sing, write songs, and play different musical instruments including piano and violin. And, she, the talented young singer, does all of these with so much passion and expertise.

In 2020, Faouzia released a compelling ballad song called Minefields, a duet with singer-songwriter John Legend. The collaboration proved two things: she sings incredibly and she can keep up effortlessly with experienced artists like Legend. Perhaps we can call her the young artist of today and the legendary artist of tomorrow.

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Vocal Range

Besides her impressive songs and out-of-this-world voice, people also recognize Faouzia for her jaw-dropping vocal range. She can mesmerize anyone with her lower register singing and she can also belt out songs in higher register flawlessly. Meanwhile, Faouzia also impressed people with the stunning high notes she does, just like in her catchy song Hero.

Faouzia the Songwriter

As if her golden voice is not good enough, the young singer also writes her songs beautifully. For someone as young as her, Faouzia’s lyrics can go from sensible, and catchy, to poetic. Overall, she composes her songs with so much passion and artistry, which makes her music unique and worth listening to.

Great Music

To be honest, Faouzia owns some of the greatest songs of this generation that anyone must hear at least once. With her powerful vocals, perfect lyrics, and immaculate instrumentals or music, she never fails to make a great musical impact. And, she has wonderful music videos and outfits too. For sure, once you listen to her songs, you will want more and you will stan her forever.

Faouzia is a rising star you will never want to miss, period. So, check out her music on Spotify and her song covers on YouTube for musical inspo. Enjoy listening, and have fun becoming a fan!

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