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Rising singer-songwriter Jack Newsome releases ‘Arms’

Rising singer-songwriter Jack Newsome releases ‘Arms’

Most people spent a large part of the world’s pandemic figuring things out. 24-year-old singer-songwriter Jack Newsome would be one of those people. The New Jersey native lived in an air of uncertainty in his new home of Studio City, California. He tried to understand what was happening around him. In an interview with Popwrapped, he said:

Arms was the first song I wrote with my new partner-in-crime Cambo. We started the song on Zoom and finished it at his studio. I wore my mask there and only took it off to lay the vocal in the booth. We’re living in really lonely times, so the lyric speaks for itself.”


Rising singer-songwriter Jack Newsome releases ‘Arms’

On the accompanying Arms music video, Jack Newsome also added:

“The concept of being alone worked out really well for the video to Arms; we didn’t need any actors or extras. My creative director Louis Browne is a genius and found this gorgeous movie set in the desert. The concept was super vague which scared me at first. I like having everything planned to a T. But I think keeping it loose was the perfect move for the song and the vibe.”


Newsome used to be a Berklee College of Music student. Then, he moved to LA to pursue his music career a couple of years prior. Shortly, he grabbed the attention of the reality songwriting competition series Songland. A part of the first season, he worked with singer-songwriter-producer Shane McAnally as his episode’s mentor. McAnally, then, would later become Jack’s mentor in real life.

As a finalist for his episode, Jack and Shane cut Lying (Next To You) which cracked the one million mark on streaming platforms. Then, a publishing deal from McAnally’s SMACKSongs and a record deal with 12Tone Music followed. His rise remained steady with sync placements in the Rocket League video game, CBS’s Love Island, and credits with multiple well-known recording artists.


Jack Newsome’s 2021

Jack started 2021 as he delivered his own impactful anthem The Year The World Stood Still. The song revolved around the realization that sometimes hitting pause remains vital. Much more than a song of the moment, the track carries into the concept of what happens even after everything ends and life goes back to “normal.”

Under his own production with co-producer Cambo, the track remains inspirational but also poignant. Meanwhile, it brings every element of a solid Pop song together. It’s something Jack Newsome knows how to do quite well. Above all, his goal would be to make music that speaks to different generations who can all understand the same sentiment.

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