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VP/Spotlight | The Daring Denise Julia

VP/Spotlight | The Daring Denise Julia

In an abyss of stars, Denise Julia stands opaline as she shimmers in the dark. There is a rainbow in her hair and her voice trickles down in multicolors of waves. She arrives at the pearly gates and pavonine doors. She received such a prismatic gift and shares them in a kaleidoscope of perspectives in her art; her music.

Some people are dipped in satin, some in gloss. But, every once in a while, you will find someone who has dipped themselves in iridescent hues. And, once they do, they will dare to do more, just like the daring Denise Julia who carries opalescence at her fingertips. She remains undaunted in courage, so gorgeous and charming.

VP/Spotlight | The Daring Denise Julia

Standing opaline in the dark

Denise Julia is one of the few Filipinas who went out of the norm to make Western-sounding R&B music. Her soulful voice fits well for the versatile genre that often sounds soulful and emotive, perfect for both dancing and relaxing. Her glittering voice makes her songs relatable and moving. It’s enjoyable and has a lot of depth and meaning. 

I started writing when I was thirteen years old. I was very shy. But, I knew that I always wanted to perform. I started with stage acting and public speaking. So, when I figured that I had a knack for singing, I went with music. 

Music seeps from everywhere. When it plays, to the earth it goes and every little lovely thing grows. Denise Julia and her vision dim waking eyes while her solemn echo stirs dwelling emotions. She admitted that the strong, fresh, and unprocessed emotions became the reason why she loved creating music. 

The emotion when you’re making it is very raw. It’s like anything can happen from one melody or from one beat. 

Her prismatic gift

Over the past few years, Denise Julia has shown a lot of talent since she started releasing her own songs. She gave us a peek at her creative process and how she immerses herself in the emotions that the lyrics want to portray.

Subconsciously, I have these overpowering emotions. For example, I’m heartbroken or I like somebody. Even though I won’t admit it, it reflects with the song because that’s where my subconscious is at. That’s where my emotions are at. So, that’s kind of how the lyrics came to be or the feeling when I’m writing. It’s really from my deepest emotions which I may or may not be aware of. 

Everybody searches for worthy pleasure in another person. However, the euphoria slowly fades away. And, eventually (and hopefully), they choose themselves and know that one they find said worthy pleasures within them. Denise recently released a song called butterflies last January 6, 2023. She explained the personal meaning behind the song. 

It’s just the perfect track to reminisce about your actions when you liked a guy that you’re not supposed to like. For me, it’s a track about self-love. As much as you have those emotions for the guy, it’s like choosing to know your worth and your value. Even though you liked someone like that, you know you’re the shit

Each song in her roster is definitely a vibe. From NVMD, Pity Ya, superficial energy, Nobody, This Time, no show, DIFFICULT, Body Right, Mad Love, and of course, butterflies, every song differs from one to the other. When asked which one sounds like revenge, she pointed out that Pity Ya‘s lyric speaks for itself. Meanwhile, when asked which one sounds like a lullaby, Denise noted the reason behind her choice.

This Time. It’s my acoustic track. The only acoustic track that I ever put out. It’s basically the song where my emotions were very raw. It’s like a personal diary for me. I think it’s a perfect lullaby or a song that you would cry yourself to sleep to. 

Carrying opalescence at her fingertips

Colorism has become a huge topic on every Filipina’s social media. As someone who has started loving their own skin and promoting self-love, I feel so damn proud of seeing a brown-skinned Filipina like her going out of the norm with her own art. And, she has become one of those brown-skinned Filipinas who flourish in their fields and absolutely smash it. When asked how she felt about inspiring other Filipinas to be the best version of themselves, Denise Julia expressed her hopes for them.

It feels great. I came from a place where I didn’t really have any morena or brown-skinned girls to look up to. So, the fact that I am able to be that to girls right now. It’s a crazy feeling and I hope that I am able to hold a standard for them. It feels amazing. 

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With how far she’s come, Denise Julia isn’t afraid to look back once in a while. Her younger self painted herself in iridescent hues that made her current self shine even brighter. When asked if she had any message to her fifteen-year-old self, she mentioned a letter that she wrote at that age.

I remember when I was around that age or maybe even younger, I actually wrote to my future self that I would be doing what I’m currently doing. So, I think I would like to tell her that your future letter did not go to waste. You actually did it. I’m very proud of you. 

Over the past few years, this young artist has garnered supporters. They express their happiness listening to her relatable songs on social media, even grouping Denise Julia up with international R&B artists. Of course, she expressed her gratitude for the continuous support.

Thank you very much and I love you guys. And, I’m always working on something new. I’m just so excited about what’s in store for us!

The daring Denise Julia stands opaline as she shimmers in the dark. She received such a prismatic gift and shares them in a kaleidoscope of perspectives in her art; her music. She carries opalescence at her fingertips. The daring Denise Julia remains undaunted in courage, so gorgeous and charming.

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