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VP Choice Awards 2022 to award Pipol’s favorite Anime Series and RPG (Role-Playing Game)!

VP Choice Awards 2022 to award Pipol’s favorite Anime Series and RPG (Role-Playing Game)!

We hear you, Pipol! Here comes the most-awaited, and most engaged award-giving body in the Philippines—the VP Choice Awards (VPCA). It is back! More stunning, brilliant, and spectacular.

This year, the 4th VP Choice Awards will acknowledge the Pipol’s favorite Anime series and RPG (Role-Playing Game) that made a remarkable impact in the Philippines.

Excited to see your favorite contenders in Anime Series and RPG (Role-Playing Game)? The choice is yours. Here are the official nominees for the Anime Series and RPG (Role-Playing Game) of the Year 2022.

Highlights of Official Nominees of VP Choice Awards 2022 for Anime Series and RPG (Role-Playing Game) of the Year

Anime series are the hype of the mainstream media. It captures the imagination of people around the world after being a niche interest for most of the 20th century and early parts of the 21st century. Fandoms, cosplayer, Role-Playing Game, and even normal anime enjoyer has been attached to the updates related to anime for the year 2022.


Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series

It’s the twenty-fifth season of the beloved franchise, Pokemon. It continues the adventures of Ash, Goh, and Chloe Cerise as they travel through various regions. As the Pokémon World Coronation Series Tournament heats up, intensive training is in store for Ash, Pikachu, and their Pokémon friends. In the episode aired in Japan last November 11, Ash and Pikachu became the top trending topic worldwide as Ash Ketchum officially hailed as a World Champion.

Attack on Titan Season 4 (Aniplus Asia)

Aired last January to March 2022, Attack on Titan is already approaching its climactic conclusion. The unexpected twist is where Eren tells Zeke that he wants his friends to live long, happy lives after his death, thus, Eren declares his intention to destroy the world as he and the Colossal Titans set foot on the mainland. We are on the edge of our seats to know where this decision of Eren would go.

Demon Slayer (Fuji TV/Netflix)

One of the highest-grossing series in recent memory, the Entertainment District Arc aired in February 2022 leaving viewers a cliffhanger and waiting for the release of Season 4. Tanjiro and his friends went to an entertainment district where Tengen’s female ninja agents were gathering information on a demon before they suddenly disappeared.

Spy x Family (TXN/Netflix)

The entire Season 1 with 25 episodes has a great score of 8.69/10 have proven this series is a must-watch and could stand among the heavyweights of 2022 anime. A lot of viewers have waited every Saturday for episode updates starting April 2022 to October 2022. The episode ends with the first contact of Loid Forger with Donovan Desmond. A series full of comedy, action, and shounen.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (TXN /Netflix)

The highly anticipated comeback since it ended abruptly in 2012, awaited by casual and hardcore fans alike, returned last October 2022 with a bang. Yhwach seeks to reignite the historic blood feud between Soul Reaper and Quincy. In revenge, Ichigo and his friends must fight alongside old allies and enemies alike to end Yhwach’s campaign of carnage before the world itself comes to an end. The excitement is reflected in the high score of 9.13/10 garnered by the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc.

My Hero Academia (ytv, NTV/Netflix)

Season 6 is shaping to be one of the best arcs in My Hero Academia history, focusing on the villains and their actions, and how heroes, including Deku, will address these problems. Originally released last October 2022, there are 23 chapters left for this arc which reveals a troubling Deku update.

RPG (Role Playing Game) OF THE YEAR

The RPG (Role-Playing Game) world experienced record-breaking numbers and critical success across the board, with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker from Square Enix, making the complete edition and expansion pack a great leap in Final Fantasy. As of March 31, 2022 it has an impressive growth in net sales of 365.2 billion yen with profits in particular up from 26.9 billion yen to 51 billion yen. Nintendo hitting the double jackpot with both Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet both breaking 10 million copies in sales, with PLA garnering 13.91 million sold copies worldwide, while Scarlet & Violet breaks every Nintendo record with 10 million copies sold within 3 days after its worldwide released date.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns, developed by Firaxis Games published by 2K, have taken the spot of 14th most downloadable game in December 2022 in US PlayStation 5. Also, it has 15,500 all-time peak concurrent players on Steam. Meanwhile, Elden Ring from renowned gaming company FromSoftware also brought the acclaimed Souls franchise, proved their dominance, sweeping awards in numerous award-giving gaming awards, and establishing jaw-dropping sales records, with 5.1 million and 17.5 million copies sold, and getting recognition from different game critic sites. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 from Monolith Soft continues to be a timeless gem and excellent RPG (Role-Playing Game) with its beautiful story, well-known characters, intuitive game design, and addictive tactical combat crossing over 1.72 million sales as of September 2022.

Let your voice be heard. Be sure to cast your votes for your favorite Anime Series and RPG (Role Playing Game) Games before the voting period ends.

The voting period will take place from February 10 to March 10. To determine the winners below are the criteria for judging:

  • 30% from the VP Choice Awards’ Facebook shares,
  • 20% from Village Pipol’s Facebook shares,
  • 30% from our editorial team, and
  • 20% from the deliverance of the experts’ panel

VP Choice Awards is presented by Village Pipol Magazine, your ultimate guide to the big city. With 136,437 followers and 74M reach on Facebook last 2022, it remains an extraordinary event of its kind.

This year’s installment also welcomes the theme Supernova: Our Brilliant Burst of Light.  It signifies the time to embrace our burgeoning blast and champion our luminous explosion— the brilliance in our bursting light. The VPCA will finally resume its live ceremony! The awards night will be held on March 29, 2023, at the Glass Garden Evangelista Avenue in Pasig City.

To see the whole list of nominees, please check here.

Also, this event is produced by Village Pipol and Red Entertainment. Presented by Casino Filipino and co-presented by Itel and Fleek. Moreover, this year’s sponsors are Evnia powered by PhilipsBayong RepublicTea Ni Juan, and Jacko’s Burger.

Also, this event is produced by Village Pipol and Red Entertainment. Presented by Casino Filipino and co-presented by Itel and Fleek. Moreover, this year’s sponsors are Evnia powered by PhilipsBayong RepublicTea Ni Juan, and Jacko’s Burger.

For details and more of our surprises, be sure to follow Village Pipol and VP Choice Awards on Facebook. The choice is yours, Pipol!

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