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barenbliss’s guide: Turning Your Beauty Routine as a Form of Self-Care Ritual

barenbliss’s guide: Turning Your Beauty Routine as a Form of Self-Care Ritual

“Self-care” is one of the most common terms in the beauty industry. If you ever heard of the adage: When we look our best, we feel our best. Then, that maybe the best way to define what self-care is all about. However, as time goes by, this understatement slowly becomes profound wherein everybody already has their own definition of it. If we are having a bad day or a low point on the hormonal rollercoaster of life, we can feel that our negative emotions can interface with our beauty routines.

In line with this article, barenbliss is pleased to share its first-ever guide article. Wherein we will tackle the best possible way to turn your beauty routine into a form of self-care ritual. We would also like to feature some of our best-selling and trending products all over the internet that you can consider for your transformative process for beauty, me-time, and self-love.

“How we feel about our self-image can have a profound impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing,” says psychotherapist, coach, and trainer Jo Ham, who has helped patients with mental health issues for 10 years. “When we look good or feel physically healthy, we are able to think of ourselves in a more positive light.” Making an effort with our appearance is therefore a positive affirmation of existence. With that being said here are some of the products you can include in your self-care beauty routine.

1. Yogurt Vit+ Mask Sakura Brightening Solution

Brighten up your mood with barenbliss’s Yogurt Vit + Mask Sakura Brightening Solution. Infused with vitamins A, B, and C plus sakura extract, this facial beauty mask aims to brighten and soften your skin.

2. Light It Up Skint Tint

This Skin Tint is also perfect for your self-care beauty ritual because it has up to 24 hours of smooth coverage, it comes in three shades that are intended for different skin complexions. If you have a light medium with cool pink undertones, for instance, the Light Petal Shower shade is perfect for you. Moreover, if you have a light-medium undertone, the Medium Blossom Bud is a great choice. The third shade which is the Beige Summer Nectar is suitable for those who have medium and warm undertones.

3. Butter Rush Vitamin Lip Mask

Aside from its hydration and moisturizing effect. This lip mask is packed with ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Olive Extract, Super Irriguard that’s famous in traditional Chinese medicine, and Vitamin E that’s responsible for reducing any signs of aging.

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4. Berry Makes Comfort Lip Matte

Throughout the process of taking good care of yourself, it’s really tough to see the bright color and beauty of life. That’s why dare yourself to add more life with Berry Makes Comfort lip Matte. This is an integration of new power, k-beauty styles with clean beauty philosophy and aesthetic visuals. With just one swipe for sheer coverage, rest assured that you are already one step closer to your becoming.

5. Start Over Concealer

When you’re in your self-care and self-love journey, just come to think that letting go of all the burdens that once made you feel short and broken is the best way of showing self-respect. Letting go is the best way to radiate inner beauty. Let go and never be afraid to begin again with barenbliss’s Start Over concealer.

When you already reach the point in your life that you are imagining yourself being in VOGUE’S Beauty Secret’s Skincare while doing your beauty rituals. Then you are already doing the right thing for yourself. Just keep pushing! And remember: Throughout this transformative process, you have a choice; whether to be a good best friend or a great enemy to yourself.

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