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FINE TO REFINE COMPACT POWDER: The Next Bubbling Best-Selling Item of barenbliss

FINE TO REFINE COMPACT POWDER: The Next Bubbling Best-Selling Item of barenbliss

The number one most sold product in the span of a month since barenbliss launched here in the Philippines is the Soul-Matte loose powder. Now, the Fine to Refine Compact Powder is on its way as the next bubbling best-selling item of the brand.

Ideally, BNB’s target market is the so-called “Millenials” but as time goes by, it continues to prove that it is flexible to all age cohorts. Ordering products for BNB is made as convenient as possible through the three platforms, including great deals.


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For Shopee, barenbliss has promo deals such as getting 60 Pesos off with minimum spending of 700 Pesos. Free shipping on all products, as well as receiving an extra 30 Pesos off on checkout. If you follow the official BNB store on Shopee. Meanwhile, for Lazada, BNB offers a 60php off with minimum spending of 600 Pesos, as well as free shipping and 30 Pesos off for a follow on the official BNB store. For the TikTok shop, BNB offers free delivery. In addition to that, barenbliss extends efforts using the Livestream feature of TikTok in order to further spread valuable information on the loose powder, as well as product testing during the stream.


It’s still been a week since this compact powder has been out in the eCommerce Market. Yet, this product from barenbliss is already on top of makeup based category. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the product you’re using is internationally acclaimed?

Aside from the fact that this brand is still new in the Philippines, but it’s a good sign of how amazing the products are.  In a sense, barenbliss is not showcasing new products that it wants to test out. In reality, we are offering the market a proven and tested product that has been noticed by individuals who have thorough experience in the cosmetic field.

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