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Top Six barenbliss’ Makeup Products You Can Try to Make Your Skin-Rainy Season Ready!

Top Six barenbliss’ Makeup Products You Can Try to Make Your Skin-Rainy Season Ready!

Here’s a scenario, you spent how many minutes, and sometimes an hour doing your makeup routine. But as soon as you stepped out of your house, you’ll start to see the gray sky, and smell the petrichor scent of the season. So, more than your umbrella or raincoat, is your makeup regimen ready for the rainy season? To begin with, here are the top six makeup products from barenbliss you can try to make your skin- rainy season ready!

First, let’s start with the basics.

6. Light It Up Skin Tint

When it rains, you might feel that you no longer have to worry about the sun, right? So, you might think that you no longer have to wear sun protection at all anymore. Very wrong! With or without the sun, the skin is still exposed to UV rays that are really damaging to the skin. UVA rays can still penetrate through clouds, rain, and even at your window. The barenbliss Skin Tint is a good choice for you. Aside from its SPF 35 PA +++, it is also sweatproof and waterproof, which means this is really a rainy season-friendly product.

This Skin Tint has up to 24 hours of smooth coverage, it comes in three shades that are intended for different skin complexions. If you have a light medium with cool pink undertones, for instance, the Light Petal Shower shade is perfect for you. Moreover, if you have a light-medium undertone, the Medium Blossom Bud is a great choice. The third shade which is the Beige Summer Nectar is suitable for those who have medium and warm undertones.

And not only that, the barenbliss Skin Tint was formulated with advanced ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Miracle Bloom infused with five Korean flowers (Hibiscus, Magnolia,

Chamomile, Camellia, and Calendula) as skin protection power and superb antioxidant for perfect skin nourishment. It also has Ecto-Protection for pollution and blue-light protection on the skin cellular level.

5. Better Than Magic Eyeliner

During this gloomy season, you don’t want your eyes to look sleepy or tired. Because let’s face it, when it’s rainy, one of the things that we really want is to just stay and bed and sleep. But if you have things to do at work or even at school, you don’t want your eye expression to look like it’s a craving for sleep too.

Likewise, if you don’t want to end up having panda or raccoon eyes once you’ll get outside while it rains, you need to make sure the eyeliner you’re wearing is a waterproof product.

Give an extra level awake for those sleepy eyes with BNB’s Better Than Magic Eyeliner.  Aside from its waterproof effect, this product contains European Beech Bud from a tree species that are very dominant in European Countries. This is also considered an “eternal youth tree” since it can live for up to 250 years. Its acorn-shaped fruits are edible and are a source of oil. According to Vigne Royal, this ingredient is regenerating, and anti-aging. With that being said, it’s really a perfect ingredient for an eye product, knowing that our eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our face.

 4. Silky Lip matte

The muggy rainy season can sometimes dampen your spirit, making you feel melancholic. But a little color on your lips can definitely brighten up anyone’s day. B+N+B philosophy’s lip matte comes in six different shades such as Rich Berry Rose, Soft- Pinky Punch, Nude Pink Peach, Rich Brown Maple, Soft Rosy Brown, and Neutral Blush Nude. Plus, this product from the brand already gained its own recognition in several magazines like VOGUE Korea, Beautynesia, Allure, and Glowpick as Beauty Editor’s Most Recommended Makeup Item.

3. Butter Rush Lip Mask

The rainy season can be a little cozy, and though the weather is not humid it doesn’t mean that your lips are already free from dryness. Avoid having chopped lips this monsoon season with thus Butter Rush Lip Mask of barenbliss.

Aside from its hydration and moisturizing effect. The lip mask is packed with ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Olive Extract, Super Irriguard that’s famous in traditional Chinese medicine, and Vitamin E that’s responsible for reducing any signs of aging.

2. Soul-Matte Loose Powder

Locked in that moisture on your face with barenbliss Soul-Matte Loose Powder. Unlike other loose powder products that use talc which can be so damaging to the skin. This one was formulated using Manicouagan Clay that’s very rich in organic minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. These mentioned minerals act as exfoliants, a moisturizer, and revitalizing agent that aims to protect your skin barrier from free radicals.

The Soul-Matte Loose Powder comes in three shades: Light Vanilla Ice that’s good for Fair to Medium Skin Tone. Medium Sorbet that’s ideal for people who have Light to Tan Skin tone. And the third shade which is the beige choco flat that’s perfect for those who have medium to tan skin tones or morenas and morenos.

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Preparing your skin with different beauty rituals can be daunting, especially when it’s pouring outside. That’s why it’s very essential to select the right product that doesn’t only highlight your beautiful facial features. But can also give you the assurance that even if it rains, your skin is safe from smudging ad creasing.  Remember: When it rains, don’t just prepare your umbrella. Make also your skin- rainy season ready. With barenbliss, rest assured that you’re not settling for less.

1. Bloom My Way Compact Powder

Now, we are counting down to our number one product that you shouldn’t miss during this rainy season: The BNB Compact Powder!

You might be wondering if it’s still necessary to use a compact powder during this rainy season. The answer is, yes! It is necessary. This compact powder of barenbliss is a monsoon savior because it gives your skin a light and breathable feeling, and not only that- it helps you lock in the moisture during this cold gloomy season. This compact powder’s formulation is as nice as it can get. It instantly mattifies, offers some coverage, and also merges with the skin like a dream. 

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