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Color Scheme Ideas for a Fab Christmas Tree Look

Color Scheme Ideas for a Fab Christmas Tree Look


Hearing Christmas jingles everywhere, that’s ber months to you! Have you done shopping as we entered the longest Christmas season? Or did you already find your past Christmas decorations? If you still have not done anything with the two, then get inspired with these color scheme ideas that will give a unique take on your usual, traditional Christmas tree look!

1. Blue-Green-Gold Plaid

Try out this combination of colors when you want something comforting and academia aesthetic in a Christmas tree. The main point of the decoration is the gorgeous blue-green plaid ribbons. While collecting all your gold ornaments is a must to further glam up your Christmas tree!

2. Purple-Blue-Silver

If you want to live your royal fantasies, then why not try it with your Christmas tree? Purple and blue are usually associated with royalty, thus, best picks for your decorations. This color scheme exudes elegance and power if you add more silver to it too!

3. Blush Pink-Rose Gold-Ivory

Opting for a soft and ethereal look and this would be perfect for your taste! Blush pink oozes a rosy and fresh vibe. Meanwhile, with the soft hue of rose gold, it intensifies the romantic look of your Christmas tree. Overall, try out this color scheme to go for pureness this Christmas!

4. Burnt Orange-Red-Copper

Who says you cannot bring the autumn vibe during Christmas? If you cannot move on with the fall season, you can make it a theme for your Christmas tree! Look for warm shades in the red family like burnt orange, copper, and rich red. Autumn colors always give a nostalgic feel that suits the Christmas season.

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5. Brown-White-Bronze

What can be homier than earth colors? Incorporating shades of brown with a touch of bronze and white can never go wrong as it exudes relaxation. This color scheme would be your excellent choice if you want the atmosphere to be more inviting and warm. This even goes well when you have visitors to come over this Christmas!

You can always go beyond the traditional colors! So, have you picked a color scheme that you want to try out this year’s Christmas? Share it with us!

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