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INSTAGRAM RAID: Yolanda Gampp and Her Hyper-Realistic Cakes

INSTAGRAM RAID: Yolanda Gampp and Her Hyper-Realistic Cakes

Yolanda Gampp is one of the most popular cake artists on social media. She produces content about all things sweet and cake. From cookies to giant novelty cakes, she got everything covered.

Moreover, Yolanda Gampp hosts How To Cake It, a YouTube show where she shares baking procedures and recipes of her sweet creations. Her baking channel serves as a community for all the baking and sweets enthusiasts in the world.

Photo | Yolanda Gampp/Instagram

Since people call her the Queen of Cakes (according to her Instagram bio), here are some of her hyper-realistic cakes for your sweet tooth!

Sweet Hot Pepper

This giant hot pepper cake is on fire! But do not worry because it will not burn your tongue.

In this post’s caption, Yolanda asked people if they can handle spicy food. Whether the response is a yes or a no, eating this cake will not be a problem because she baked it out of her delicious chocolate cake recipe. Moreover, she filled this creation with sweet Italian meringue buttercream and covered it with fondant.

Keep Safe: Bubbly Soap

One of Yolanda’s quarantine cakes, this giant bar of soap literally says “LATHER UP.” Perhaps, it is the sweetest reminder to wash hands at all times and be safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She made this sweet creation out of marbled vanilla cake, buttercream, and marbled fondant. In addition, Yolanda lathered up the cake using frothed milk for a perfect bubbly touch.

Sneakers for Snacks

In this post’s caption, Yolanda claimed that her sneakers smell better than yours. For sure, it tastes better too!

She baked her Adidas Superstar cake version out of 4 layers of cake. She filled it with Italian meringue buttercream. Yolanda also covered it with layers of fondant to achieve the intricate design of real sneakers.

Sweet Football for NFL Kickoff

Besides baking, Yolanda also does business. She and her team offer different baking supplies and services on the How To Cake It website

In light of the NFL Kickoff game in 2017, Yolanda posted this NFL football cake she baked to announce their website’s exclusive Superbowl Sale. Moreover, in the post’s caption, she said they offer up to 50% discount on all of their items. What a tempting and delicious invitation, right?

On the other hand, Yolanda baked this out of chocolate cake and Italian meringue buttercream. Of course, she covered it with textured fondant and decorated it with a golden version of the NFL logo.

Champagne to Celebrate

No celebration is complete without a bottle of champagne. And Yolanda knows it very well. Hence, she baked this realistic bottle of Moet Rose Champagne in celebration of the New Year 2021. In this post’s caption, she expressed her excitement to witness what the said year holds for everybody. Also, Yolanda promised “lots of new cakes.”

Yolanda baked this out of her light pink-dyed Ultimate Vanilla Cake and brushed it with Prosecco. Once again, in a true Yolanda fashion, she covered it with fondant. Moreover, she also uses gold luster dust in some parts of the cake to perfect the New Year vibes.

Yolanda Gampp’s one-of-a-kind prowess in baking and fun character undeniably serves as a fountain of inspiration, joy, and amazing cakes. Perhaps, the people are right for calling her the Queen of Cakes.

Check Yolanda’s impressive cakes on YouTube and Instagram to make Yo day better and sweeter!

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