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Top 10 *Scary* Pinoy Pamahiin

Top 10 *Scary* Pinoy Pamahiin

Many superstitious beliefs exist in the Philippines and are well-known among the locals. Because it is undas season, various pamahiins are reviving. Although we are not required to follow them, we do so out of fear of what might happen if we don’t.


It is customary in the Philippines to avoid going home after attending a wake because it is thought that the deceased’s spirit will follow the person. To shake off any spirits that may have followed you from the wake, you must make a “pagpag,” or stopover, somewhere other than your own house.

Bringing home food

You should never take food from a wake home, according to superstitions. Because if you do anything otherwise, you can bring terrible misfortunes or even the deceased person’s soul into your home.

Remove jewelry

While at the funeral, the corpse may have accessories placed on it. However, it is advisable that you remove the said jewelry when the body is to be buried. So that the soul of the deceased will have nothing heavy to carry with them when they pass into the afterlife.

Covering the mirrors

The elders advise covering all of the mirrors in the location of the funeral with fabric. If you don’t, you risk catching sight of the deceased if you look in the mirror.

Don’t dress in red

It is strictly forbidden to wear red (or other vibrant colors) to a wake since it can appear as though you are celebrating the death of the person. There can only be white and black. Only the colors white and black are permitted to be worn.


The “sukob” superstition forbids siblings from getting married in the same year. The elders regard this as a curse. Either a family member will pass away, or the fortune will be divided between the two married couples.

Tabi-tabi po

It is a customary courtesy to say “Tabi-tabi po” (excuse me) when walking in areas that are uninhabited. It is a way of not disturbing the elements in the area. Locals believe that if you don’t say it, these elements will cause you sickness.

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Filipinos also have a pamahiin that dwarves or elementals will become enraged if you point your finger at a tree or forest. Bad fortune and poor health might follow. It is necessary to bite your index finger to banish bad luck.

Knock on wood

It is a widely held belief that one should knock on wood in order to negate the bad remark or bad joke he or she has spoken of. Otherwise, it will happen.

Tooth in dream

According to local belief, if someone has a dream about one of his teeth falling out, it may be a sign that someone they know is about to pass away. When a person wakes up, they should bite a piece of wood to impart the curse on it and to stop the death that was predicted.

Which pamahiin do you often observe?

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