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Unleashing the BRAT in you with Charli xcx’s Latest Album

Unleashing the BRAT in you with Charli xcx’s Latest Album

Got the drive to dance the stress out but got no time for a night life? Let Charli xcx spoil that craving for some big and energetic moves and unleash your inner brat with her latest electropop hits featured in her sixth studio album.

Despite the plain and simple aesthetics of its album cover with only the “brat” text on a plain lime green background, people have fallen for it and created various merchandise products inspired by the BRAT Aesthetics.

Diving deeper into the album, BRAT features vibrant tracks that require not much comprehension to understand. It sounded so straightforward in talking about one’s insecurities and bravely owning, embracing, and making it one’s identity.

Dance carelessly like a brat with some of the most electrifying hits from Charli xcx’s 6th studio album, BRAT!


Turn your world around with 360! This club-pop hit from Charli xcx takes us into a complete 360 from that shy type person who cares so much what others think to somebody completely different: confident and buys no time to care about what others would say. And to those who keep pulling hatred towards our most authentic selves, “When you’re in the mirror, you’re just looking at me.”

Sympathy is a Knife

In our moments of vulnerability, we need no sympathy! This electrifying track in Charli xcx’s BRAT normalizes and validates some of our deepest insecurities without having the need to pretend we’re all fine and okay. No matter how much others try to gaslight our feelings masked in fake sympathies, we own them, thus we know them well. Besides, Charli xcx was so real for saying “All this sympathy is a lie.”


From embracing one’s most vulnerable side, “Rewind” takes us into a realization that sometimes going back to the simplest and most mundane moments of our lives, far from anxious minds and insecurities, could be the best choice. Imagine getting yourself stuck, standing in front of the mirror and realizing how insecure you have become because of what the world tries to tell you. Going back to where you began could also be a chance to see your most authentic beauty and truest version of yourself.

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This song doesn’t want you to go back but you probably can’t help yourself from putting your fingers back to the play button on this hyperpop hit from Charli xcx! B2b takes us into a situation where one seems to have learned the lessons already and is asserting to never get back to a former lover who probably caused way too much pain. If ever you find yourself in that situation too, get yourself together, shout your heart out, and say “I don’t wanna fall right back to us!”

Von Dutch

Now, here’s the turning point of it all! From embracing our insecurities, Von Dutch feeds our inner brats as it strongly exudes self-affirmation energy, claiming we all are somebody else’s number one and they can’t just deny it! This electropop hit is literally feeding and spoiling the inner brat in us with some repetitive self-aggrandizing lines, putting ourselves into a pedestal only us could reach. No matter what others say we are someone’s number one!

These are just five among the most electrifying hits that our indie pop girlie Charli xcx serves us in BRAT. In fact, this 15-track club-pop release got a score of 95 in Metacritic, making it the site’s all-time 16th highest rating album. So if ever you feel a bit scared to show yourself or probably need some push, Charli xcx got you! Let this indie pop girlie unleash the BRAT in you!

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