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10 Treats That Make Us Miss Our Childhood

10 Treats That Make Us Miss Our Childhood

In the past few days, my social media feed has been filled with some nostalgic stuff from the past. We tend to realize how simple our life was before, and a simple snack can bring those memories back again. Let’s all forget our present for now, and may we all take a glimpse of our favorite snacks we loved to munch on before. Here are the 10 treats to make you miss your childhood more.

10 Treats to make you miss childhood

Iced Gem Biscuits

Every Filipino kid loves to have Iced Gem as their snack in school. The sweet meringue on top balances the plain bite-sized biscuit at the bottom.


These flour-based chips actually taste like cheese sticks rather than lumpia or spring rolls. Meanwhile, POMPOMS are cheese curls that leave cheese powders in your fingers. You can buy these snacks in your sari-sari stores for only one peso per pack.


Eating it carefully is one of the rules before you consume this sweet chocolate powder. Mik-Mik has two flavors (milk and chocolate), and also comes with short straws that you use to sip the powder. I remember buying it for only fifty cents each before.

DooDoo and Marlbovo

DooDoo is a sweet candy inserted into a pacifier-like plastic. We can obviously know where the name came from because DooDoo sounds like a gesture for babies to drink milk. On the other hand, Marlbovo is a cigarette-shaped candy. We playfully put it in our mouths to trick our playmates that we smoke. Marlbovo is inspired by a famous brand of cigarette in our country.

Yakee and Pintoora

These two gumballs are the most iconic bubble gums we ever chewed on as a kid. Yakee has a very sour flavor, while Pintoora leaves a color stain on your tongue.

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LALA is one of the locally-made chocolates in the Philippines. It comes in smaller and bigger packaging and is offered in original chocolate, and ube flavor. I really love these chocolate bars because of their chewy texture, and not-so-sweet taste.

Did any of these make you reminisce about the good ol’ days? What’s your favorite? Sound off in the comments below.

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