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Tipid Tips That I Got From My Mama

Tipid Tips That I Got From My Mama

Not every mama has the same tipid tips. For context, my mom grew up in the Ilocos Province. When she was about my age she went to the Metro to start her journey as a teacher. Ever since she was budgeting her own expenses for it to last.

In these challenging times, it has become difficult for many people to keep up with the prices of many products. Most of these people are from social classes that are mostly at the bottom. My family, for instance, is an average income earner.

Here are the tipid tips I got from my Mama while I was growing up:

Tip #1 Always choose quality over quantity.

My mama would always tip us that it’s fine to buy something a little bit expensive quality-wise. May it be food, appliances, or things that we will be needing long term. Growing up, I realized that she is somehow right; sometimes the quality would save us more money. Buying things with quality would either mean a healthy option that would save us from hospital bills or a thing that could be used longer.

Tip #2 Buying foods at the wet market.

When it comes to the food we eat, my mama would always go to the wet market. She used to drag me into coming with her just so next time I know where to buy. Buying foods such as vegetables, poultry, and meat at the wet market is much more inexpensive than buying them in the grocery. Aside it being inexpensive, foods at the wet market can make you a balanced meal, there you can have go, grow, and glow foods.

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Tip #3 Take care of things that are used daily.

Other than the food, my mama’s top priority is buying things that we need daily. We do not have many appliances but I must say that we got all the essentials. Thanks to her some of the appliances that we had lasted for many years. She always reminds us to be careful with them because money is not something you can pick anywhere.

Those are just some of the tips I learned from my mama. We may not be the richest family in this neighborhood, in Bulacan, or even in the Philippines, but I grew up wondering how we have survived this expensive world. My mother being the only one who works in this household, I witnessed how she managed it all.

It’s ridiculous that when I was a child, I use to not be interested in these things, but I think that’s normal since I’m still a child. But now that I am an adult, I will make sure to take note of every tipid tip from my mama that will help me survive.

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