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Life of A Single Mom

Life of A Single Mom

Ever wonder how a single mom manage her life? The struggles as a mom, big responsibilities, judgment of people around you, and even more.

Being a single parent is not just a matter of survival; it is more of thriving to give the best life for your kid on your own. Let’s get to know more about the life of a single parent.

POV of A Single Mom

Debby Cortez is a single mom. The name of her child is Gabriel. She was 18 years old and a student when she got pregnant. She faced the disappointment of her family, but it did not last long as they supported her as time passes by.

Even at a young age, she wanted to raise her baby. At first, her boyfriend was with her during her pregnancy. However, when things got rough they decided to take path individually.

After giving birth, the struggles she experienced were intense. Having no sleep at all times was real because the baby woke up in the middle of the night so she had to attend the needs of her child. Fortunately, her mom was so supportive and helped her raising her baby boy. She also got full support from her relatives.

Meanwhile, she and her ex had an arrangement wherein her ex-boyfriend can borrow Gabby for a while then supported their kid financially. But then, there was a time that her ex borrowed their son for a long time and was not able to contact him properly. She got worried for her son. That’s when she filed a case against the father of her child. Fortunately, she won the full custody.

Being A Responsible Parent

Debby is now working and raising Gabby with the help of her loved ones.

Having a child is a decision that has lots of things to consider. It is never easy to be a parent, but when you become one you should take responsibility. Have a kid when you are ready, and not just because you are under an intense emotion.

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Surviving is never easy especially if you are a single parent, but you should not stop there. You should thrive more to give your child a comfortable life and achieve your personal goal. Even if you have a kid, you should never neglect yourself. You can only give love if you love yourself.

A single parent plays the role of both a mother and a father to your kid every day and overcome your struggles on your own. They are amazing and so brave to face the judging world on their own.

Some people are lucky to find a new partner who can fully accept them. Nevertheless, all of them are blessed to survive on their own—and got help from their loved ones.

No matter what your situation is right now, you are marvelous and you are worth it. None of your past experiences can define you for as long as you learned on your own and grow up for the good.

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