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TikTok creators bring back memories of high school romance

TikTok creators bring back memories of high school romance

We all love a good walk down the memory lane. And for many, the best years they could reminisce about is their high school life. These formative years have witnessed our puppy love era — impromptu haranas in the hallway, forced participation in wedding booths during school fairs, the whole classroom swooning over you and your crush having small interactions.

These moments of kilig may be small and petty but these are really unforgettable. Whether it makes you cringe or it makes you go awwwww, these memories will surely transport you to a time where the tumultuous road of adulthood was still far away.

Let’s round up some of the best high school puppy love POV videos from TikTok creators Esnyr Ranollo (@esnyrrr), Jaynelle Carrasco Roxas (@joneeeel018), and Elong Soriano (@elongggg)!

Esnyr Ranollo

Valentine’s Day in high school just hits different. And Esnyr definitely gave us an accurate depiction of what it’s like to go to school every February 14.



♬ original sound – Esnyr Ranollo
@esnyrrr Sanaol nakatanggap ng chocolates😭❤️… Listen to Clinton Kane’s I GUESS I’M IN LOVE @clintonkane ♬ I GUESS I’M IN LOVE – Clinton Kane

Are you one of the magjowa or are you one of the taga-sana all?


Respeto naman sa mga single😭

♬ original sound – Esnyr Ranollo

Or are you the terror teacher playing kontrabida to these high school lovers?


may kumokontra sa lovestory please—😭

♬ original sound – Esnyr Ranollo

Or maybe you’re one of those students shipping your teacher to another, in an attempt to finally put a stop to her kontrabida role?


May loveteam na namumuo😩❤️

♬ original sound – Esnyr Ranollo

Jaynelle Carrasco Roxas

Probably one of Jaynelle’s most famous high school POVs is her Angelo-Hetty (AngHet) series. The push and pull between the two characters is definitely an homage to the uncertainty of a puppy love.

@joneeeel018 pls kaya auq sabihin crush ko sa mga classmate q eh 😭 HHKHKHAAHA #POV #jollibee #fypシ ♬ original sound – joneeeel

The introduction of Angelo and Hetty was positively received by viewers so it turned into a TikTok series. Suffice to say, I was sucked in the AngHet Cinematic Universe.

@joneeeel018 AYAN NA PART 2 🙄✨ kaineZ talaga ‘pag nalaman yung crush mo sa school HSHAHAHAHU 😭#POV #jollibee ♬ original sound – joneeeel

Meanwhile, unlike Esnyr’s portrayal, teachers in the AngHet series are overly supportive of the love team.

@joneeeel018 PLS GANITO YUNG PINAGAWA SA CLASM8 KO HSSHAHAHA 😭#POV #jollibee ♬ original sound – joneeeel
@joneeeel018 YUNG MAS KINIKILIG PA YUNG CLASMATE MO KESA SAYO 😭SHSHHAA #POV #jollibee ♬ original sound – joneeeel

Sad to say, there is still no definite conclusion to AngHet’s love story. Jaynelle, please give the AngHet shippers what they want!

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Elong Soriano

Pretty in both his male and female characters, Elong portrays high school romance in a more subtle way but the kilig is surely tagos to the bones.

The androgynous beauty created multiple puppy love scenarios — during jeepney rides, research meetings, or in classroom settings.

@elongggg #pov your teacher asked you to bring the papers to your crush’s section #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Aesthetic.gold – Rchie

Any memories of a budding jeepney love story?

@elongggg #pov ♬ Permission to love – Mojimchi✨

How about completing research projects at a classmate’s home and you see their handsome kuya?

@elongggg #pov ♬ original sound – jommel tesico

Living inside a Wattpad story, perhaps?

@elongggg #pov ♬ original sound – P4!N – ᶦ ᵃᵐ ᭄暗•|DANZØ ♒

These POVs definitely bring back a lot of memories! If only we could turn back time to live through these kilig stages again, am I right?

How about you? What are your favorite puppy love moments in high school?

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