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This Ube Cheese Pandesal will brighten up your day

This Ube Cheese Pandesal will brighten up your day

S’ Four Maison’s owner Sophia Vocales picked up the hobby of baking during the lockdown period with the sole purpose of cheering up her family and friends. Little did she know, it’s the start of something that she can share for others.
“Seeing as how my relatives loved them, I decided to make a home cooking operation to sell my baked goods. The idea for the name came from my brother. The letter S is the start of my name and Four Maison is french for a home oven.”

S’ Four Maison: Ube cheese pandesal

Opened just this June, this online bakery located in Las Pinas City has been bringing light unto its customers’ days with their delightful pastries, ube cheese pandesal, and pillowy cheese rolls.
As the pandemic takes its toll on many industries, many are looking for a new source of income to provide for their needs during this time. A lot are using this moment where people are spending most of their time online as leverage to start their own small businesses.
Aside from the profit, she’s gaining extra, Sophia shared that baking has given her a new sense of fulfillment which she finds very helpful especially in dealing with the current situation.
“Personally, it helped me financially especially right now where a stream of income is a necessity. Baking has also taken my mind away from the stress of quarantine, which has negatively affected my mental health.”
S’ Four Maison promises that their food provides not just value for money and good vibes among its customers, but they are also keeping the environment in mind.
“We want to ensure that our customers are paying for quality products and quality service. As an online business, we’re not just focused on our customers but also the community and the environment.”
Consistency is also key, according to Sophia. She believes that this will be the reason why she’ll get repeat orders, “We want them to trust us by getting their money’s worth.”
At the moment, S’ Four Maison offers their signature Ube Cheese Pandesal and Cheese Rolls in two servings, Half Dozen, and One Dozen. Ranging from P160-P360, customers can indulge themselves in this delectable treat!
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