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Rise Beverages will quench your thirst for iced coffee and milk tea

Rise Beverages will quench your thirst for iced coffee and milk tea

It calls itself Rise Beverages for a reason. Founder Richard Isidro found not just an opportunity to create a business during the quarantine but an avenue to give quality service among Filipinos by giving them a one-stop-shop to their favorite drinks.

Rise beyond consumer expectations

The market has already a number of Coffee and Tea stores online but it shouldn’t be their worry. Their goal was simple and straightforward, as if a promise: to provide something that will rise beyond consumer expectations.

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“We initially put our focus on coffee and tea drinks, as they made the most sense for us. The beverage industry has a massive market share, and not even the quarantine can stop people from having a good sip. On top of that, we know we can make these classic drinks shine even more through carefully curated concoctions, made from premium quality ingredients, not your usual powdered flavors and cheap sugars.”

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Beyond the product showcase is the opportunity to share with fellow Filipinos a way to generate income by offering them their dealership programs. Thus, the name. The #RiseTogether concept is one of the driving forces behind the business.
Richard confessed that their drinks have helped him personally during this challenging time as it not only refreshes but spreads good vibes as they prepare it for others.
“There is joy in creating something special, that will make others happy as well. The whole notion of creating specially made drinks is communal if you think about it. Especially now that we are going through extraordinary times, we need to make even more extraordinary things. The passion and love we put in all our products has been very inspiring, and we wish that everyone who takes a sip of RISE Beverages will also have a taste of that passion and love that we put in our drinks.”
Craft and quality are their top priorities when it comes to making the drinks. It’s what sets them apart from others in the market.

The list

All their offerings are made from scratch, using only the finest ingredients, like single-origin Arabica espresso, black Assam tea, and all-natural, cold-pressed flavors. All tea and coffee products are brewed fresh daily.
Pulling all the stops to ensure mobility of high-quality products right at the customer’s doorstep, quality and mobility are made to reality at RISE Beverages, “and you can tell that every drink you enjoy from us is made fresh from the best ingredients.”
Their Coffe and Tea series boasts a wide variety of flavors that cater to each taste, so you’re sure to find your perfect match. With a price point that’s not going to put a hole in your pocket, one wouldn’t mind trying everything!
Of course, each beverage comes in a cute and aesthetic bottle and can be bought at only P100. If you get six, you can score them at a discounted price of P570! What a steal!
Our personal favorites are the Manilla Milk Tea, Caramel Latte, Coco-Nut Latte, and Americano! But we recommend you try them all as they are equally tasty and refreshing!
Get your thirst quenched at Rise Beverages. You can place an order now via their official Instagram and dealers around the Metro!
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