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Things to Do Instead of Wasting Your Time

Things to Do Instead of Wasting Your Time

It’s another day! Another morning to live. Do you have plans today? Or maybe you are just thinking of staying up all day in bed, wasting time, re-watching your all-time favorite movies, scrolling on Tiktok, liking Instagram pictures, or maybe just literally doing nothing at all?

The sun has risen, and you, sunshine should rise too!

Don’t you want to try something new? Get up and be productive! I know staying in bed all day is such a comfort. It is relaxing, body-soothing, and it is peaceful. But it will also give you back pain in the future.

Here are some wonderful things you can try if you have nothing to do, instead of staying up in bed all day.


Knowledge is power. Nothing is more powerful than a person who acquired more knowledge. If you have nothing to do for a day, try learning something new. Improve your skills. Maybe you can pick up that guitar and start your guitar lessons. Or maybe try doing that crochet you’ve been thinking about doing. Spending your day learning something is interesting. It enriches your mind, and it is good for your mental health too.

Move out of bed: EXERCISE

Get out of your bed and lay that yoga mat. Go work on that dream body. Work and better yourself. Follow Chloe’s exercise routine. Move your body. Walk. Take some time to move your body and stretch your bones. Staying in bed all day will lead you to bad posture. It is not good for your body. Exercise can help you have a good mood, too. It can lessen all your worries, and make your day more productive. In addition, it has a lot of benefits that will surely make your mind stronger, your emotions firmer, and give you good health too.


Grab a book! Books take you to different places, to new adventures. You’ll get to meet new characters or maybe fall in love with the main lead of the book. Reading enriches our minds. It allows us to explore new things just by sitting and reading through the lines.


Have you tried doing Journal? Journaling could be a fun way to dedicate your time. Journaling helps us ease our minds as we became creative with stuff. In the journal, you can freely write your thoughts, feelings, insights, or whatever you want to put in your aesthetically pleasing journal. Journal can be your best friend too. It is fun.

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A lot of us have been working so much lately. It drains our minds and body. And I understand that sometimes, all we just want to do is have some good rest rather than do anything. It’s like we have been out of energy to even move out of bed. Instead, we just commit our day to watch some series or scrolling on Facebook. But wasting time can be so addicting. It might lead us to a bad habit that we don’t want to work or move anymore. In this case, we tend to lose focus on what really matters. We might also neglect our physical and mental health. Too much gawking or wasting time can be really a terrible habit.

So, why not try doing all the things I’ve mentioned? Believe me. It is a life-changer. Don’t spend too much of your time in bed. An hour of trying something new won’t bite.

Be productive and be that ideal person you dream to be.

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