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Boujee on a budget: Making a charcuterie board this New Year

Boujee on a budget: Making a charcuterie board this New Year

New Year celebrations are here! And, it’s time for more creative and delicious food to celebrate. If you want to go boujee but you’re on a budget, there are simple ways to make a charcuterie board. I discovered doing a charcuterie board last new year. It was all over my social media.

And, I was on a tight budget but I would like to have a different plate over our New Year’s table. I started to search for what’s charcuterie and I started trying it. According to webstaurant, the traditional art of charcuterie was developed in 15th century France and involves preparing cured meat products.

Boujee on a budget: Making a charcuterie board this New Year

The main ingredients or components I have noticed are:

  1. Cheese
  2. Ham
  3. Grapes
  4. Crackers or chips

And, so, my boujee-wanna-be self wants to try making those but on a budget. On cheese, use your extra cheese from making spaghetti or carbonara. Cut it into cubes. On meat, use your leftover Christmas ham, if you have it. Make it as appealing as possible like the meats on the original boards. You can put a different kinds of cheese as you like. Maybe two to three kinds.

Add your chips or crackers. The tip is to have different kinds of crackers. Fita or Hansel will do. Add your chips! Nova chip is a good part! Then, add fruits on the sides or make it look like toppings, especially grapes!

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You can also add your favorite dry dish to your board. Experimentation is the key! And, there you have it! Match it with your favorite wine or champagne for a more boujee feel.

I am sharing my version from last year for more creative ideas. I don’t know if it is accepted but this is my Filipino-on-the-budget-and-rush version. And, I will definitely do it again this year! So, why not try yours now this coming new year?

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