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The talking stage and how you can set boundaries

The talking stage and how you can set boundaries

The talking stage is complicated. Especially if you are someone who is easily attached and makes yourself available every time for anyone this might be hard. Do not give jowa benefits to the wrong person, babe. Not all individuals who indulge themselves in this stage are looking for something serious.

However, with my past experiences, I learned the following to set my boundaries and keep myself away from the pain that can be brought by people you meet in the talking stage. However, it is to be noted that just because this worked on me, it would automatically work on you.

The talking stage and how you can set boundaries

Your boundaries should be communicated right away.

Do not be afraid to be perceived strongly by the person you are talking to. This will save you from people who are afraid to communicate. When both of you finally said that you want to know each other more then that’s when you tell them your boundaries. It will also be helpful if you will ask them questions

Do not hesitate to say ‘NO.’

When talking to them gets a little bit comfortable, some may take advantage of your boundaries. But do not hesitate to reject them or to say no to them. If what they want is making you uncomfortable, learn to give a straight NO. Do not explain why you said so. It’s either people who will take it personally or they will move on and respect your decision.

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Be clear in your intentions.

At the start of the talking stage, both of you need to know the intention of each other. If you want a short-term thing and they want a long-term relationship, cut the talking short and save yourself time. You might want to look and talk to someone who looks for the same relationship dynamic as you do.


The talking stage is just the beginning of your dating journey. You will meet and talk to a lot of people; you will go through trial and error but that does not mean you will not find the one for you.

I believe that growth goes with patience and acceptance. When you learn to accept that some things are not meant to last, you’ll learn patience and your perception of dating and love will grow.

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