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Who should pay for the first date?

Who should pay for the first date?

Dating sometimes can be hard, especially if finances remain one of the factors of your struggle. Recently, paying for a date has become a topic across social media. The argument asks the question, “Who should pay for the first date?”

Well, dating is a key factor to know someone and it’s a way to know your future partner well. As much as I don’t want to talk about it, finance is one of the key topics you and your partner should talk about. It’s important because you’ll know their status when it comes to that and how you introduce yourself to them.

Who should pay for the date?

The answer to this question is – well, it depends on the situation. There are a lot of situations that can be considered regarding who should pay. Here are a few scenarios that could happen:

  • Scenario 1: If they are the one who invited you on a date.
  • Scenario 2: If you are still students or aren’t capable of shouldering the date. Both of you are still students or weren’t capable of shouldering the date. These scenarios can happen all the time. If you’re both still students then both of you should pay for it. It’s very rude to let the guy shoulder it all if you can also pay. You can also try alternatives, it doesn’t mean it should be fancy. If they understand the struggle then it’s a plus that you get an understanding partner.
  • Scenario 3: You both are stable in finance. If things like this happen, then you shouldn’t be worried about dating. Either of you can shoulder the date if you want.

What if things got serious?

Throughout your journey, you’ll somehow understand and learn your partner’s pattern. Their routine, favorite things, hated things, and attitude. If dates are still one of your things, as a partner be observant and learn to communicate well with them. If you can pay for it, be upfront to initiate to give something for the date. Relationships should be two-way; when he buys the food, you buy the dessert. In that way, they wouldn’t be obligated to shoulder everything. Balance is essential to a successful relationship.

In conclusion…

Finding love and relationships is hard when you think about finance. Whether who pays for the date, a man or woman. Communication should be a priority, it’s the crucial point where you get to know them and learn their ways. Dates also don’t need to be abundant all the time. It’s always the experience you have with your date.

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Personally, I’m a person who doesn’t like fancy stuff and enjoys getting to know the person. It’s important because it allows me to pursue them more or to see red flags. Dates can be interpreted in different ways also, staying at home, watching movies, or simply eating at a food stall. I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind as long as we like the person.

So whether the man or woman pays for the first date, it’s the moment you have with them that is remembered. 

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