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The Shades of Masculinity

The Shades of Masculinity

A real man is strong, unemotional, and doesn’t show weakness but is it what really means to be a “Real Man?” Is it the shade of masculinity? Based on research, the traditional expectations of masculinity have harmful consequences and effects on them. The data indicates that men are far less likely to seek mental health treatment than women.

Throughout history, boys and men taught that men don’t cry. That no matter what, they just take any circumstances like a man. Imagine how this practice of not telling anyone about your pain could have led to certain consequences. Not dispensing negative emotions is not healthy. This habit can affect the boys and men of the next generation.

However, this generation shows a growing movement that redefines what it means to be a real man. This generation breaks rigid stereotypes about masculinity.

Progressive Masculinity

Men are just like women. They are also constricted by stereotypes and castigated just because they act differently based on their gender roles. But, as we progress redefining what a real man is diverse and most people are open to the fact that man can be many things.

A Gillette’s advertisement, the brand states a pretty bold slogan. “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be.” This ad both challenges stereotypes that hold back men and has their spotlight to show them as positive role models in society.

It opens a cultural conversation of acceptance to tell the world that behind that narrow definition they can be more. In that name of masculinity, showing weakness is a real shade of a man.

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Simple advertisement is a big movement to promote the healthy masculinity that most men needs.

This is what progressive masculinity is. It is not about being manly and strong most of the time, it is not being afraid to show your vulnerability. Men are not all about fatherhood, being a provider, or even being a strong one in the family. They also want to show that they are crying, and love the color pink. They also need help mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically.

Men should lead this talk. Regardless of whether you are feminine, queer, or not, pushing oneself to fit within traditional expectations leaves room for improvement, growth, and mental well-being as a man. Hey man, let you be vulnerable, talk about your mental health, and most importantly be a better man not for others but for yourself. That is what Real Man is.

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