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Toxic masculinity hurts us all — men, women, and LGBT community

Toxic masculinity hurts us all — men, women, and LGBT community

There will always be sea-change in everything — good or bad, progressive or reactionary. One of these is our understanding of gender norms and beliefs. In the past years, the way men, women, and LGBT community handled these gender norms and expectations improved— another note to write in our books, of course. Still and all, our society has to adapt with these changes, slowly but surely. No excuses.

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As gender identity continues to cross boundaries, the relationship between femininity and masculinity adapts through each other’s call: on how they want to represent themselves to society. Everyone should talk about it and reflect. There’s still a problem. A huge one.

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Long before, most men are treating effeminate men as some sort of rash. When a young boy engages in activities, which set at naught of his masculinity, other young boys shame him for it. Thus, this destructive mindset taught young boys that masculinity has its sine qua non, causing a bigger crisis today. Men believe that masculinity is in danger. Little did they realize, masculinity is expanding and growing. However, the saddest part is when men and their pent-up gender frustrations tainted their respect on manhood diversity.

Toxic masculinity hurts us all— men, women, and LGBT community—that’s why we need to recognize its existence and recover from it.

Educate yourselves.

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Connect with other men.

Understand women’s experience.

Be part of the solution.

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