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Back to School Essentials for College Students

Back to School Essentials for College Students

Now that some schools are having limited face-to-face classes, we cannot miss out on this school year’s school supplies shopping. Don’t know what to buy yet? Here’s a list of essential things that will make your college life easier.

A Good Quality Backpack

Look for a durable backpack that will last you throughout your college years. A solid backpack that is high quality, functional, is typically the best solution for an “on-the-go” individual. A backpack that is comfortable and can carry a lot of things. If your budget can afford high quality bags like Kanken or the North Face then those are recommended, but there are also quality bags at a cheaper price like Jansport or HAWK


One of the things that will save you money on college is buying a tumbler. Instead of buying mineral water sold at a higher price at school, you can bring your tumbler and refill it. It doesn’t matter what brand. As long as it serves its purpose, you’re good to go.


These pens are must-haves. If you can invest in quality pens, then you should try the brand MUJI or SARASA. They offer varieties of pens that are durable and of excellent quality. Plus, it doesn’t hurt your fingers even if you’re writing a lot.

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Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is essential for students like me who often forget that we have homework. Having a bullet journal will save you. You can organize your schedules and write down homework and essential school matters. You’ll never miss any assignments or important dates anymore.


Freshman year is the most vital part of your college life; going in with the essential school supplies can make all the difference. These school essentials will help prepare you for success in your college life.

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