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The 5 Best TWICE Dance Breaks

The 5 Best TWICE Dance Breaks

One in a million TWICE will deliver once again!

One of the K-pop groups known for having impeccable choreo is the record-breaking girl group, TWICE. The 9-member group from JYP Entertainment always highlights dance breaks in almost every comeback— and this peak is always the most-awaited part of the fans! Because, how can you not resist their charms even when dancing?

As we wait for the hailed South Korea’s Nation’s Girl Group to make a comeback with Talk That Talk under Between 1&2 album on August 26— here are the five best and iconic dance breaks of TWICE. But since I am a struggling Once when choosing favorites, the list below is not in order.

1. Feel Special (2019)

YouTube | JYP Entertainment

TWICE really made the Feel Special so special! 

When the beat dropped signals the start of the bridge, swag Dahyun started her iconic rap; then the scene turns to Jihyo and Nayeon singing the last chorus. Afterward, the outro dance break comes along as they form a one-line which prolongs the intense climax of the song and makes it more stunning! 

Wearing their flashy outfits complements how unique and detailed the dance is. Kiel Tutin, a known choreographer, made a dance for 11 songs of TWICE including the Feel Special. He incorporated a little bit of waacking in the dance break, specifically from 3:20 to 3:23 which makes up my favorite part. TWICE really makes the dance so graceful and elegant at the same time.

2. Like OOH-AAH (2015)

YouTube | JYP Entertainment

It’s 2022 but TWICE’s debut song still rocks!

The dance break of Like OOH-AAH unsurprisingly is the most replayed part of the music video. This still remains as one of the iconic dance breaks showcasing how youthful and lively they are in the debut song. The way they exert full energy in executing the steps makes it more appealing and uniform in the eyes.

Moreover, I still can’t resist a Momo-centered dance break since this song marks the day how she became my bias! Should I think about it twice when listing it on the best dance breaks? Once is enough since it really has a deserving spot!

3. More & More (2020)

YouTube | JYP Entertainment

Onces need more & more of this dance break!

This comeback cannot be ignored for having the best choreography of TWICE. Also, with the epic and powerful dance break it has, it could rival another group’s dance break. I believe every once also has the More & More in their list of best dance breaks as it has the most balanced and most fluid choreo too!

However, guess the only problem which has ruined this comeback? JYP decided to release the dance break as a teaser before unveiling the full music video. Thus, it lacks a surprise factor when it is supposedly the main highlight. But I would say God Jihyo is intense in More & More choreography!

4. Dance the Night Away (2018)

YouTube | JYP Entertainment

TWICE and Once in the moonlight!

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Dance the Night Away is a summer bop of TWICE which makes the listeners feel freshened up and relaxed. But if trying out the choreography is your agenda, be prepared to get out of breath. This title track has its outro dance break also which the 9-members execute so gracefully and effortlessly!

The song has a simple choreography but would do a lot of extension of arms and legs like an aerobic dance. But the greater reason why I added this to the list of best dance breaks is because of how too synchronized they are in this comeback. Even their hairs on the dance break are in sync— how amazing is that!

5. Likey (2017)

Me Likey the dance break of this! 

On a personal note, I think the dance break of Likey receives a little amount of attention since the main point of the dance is the chorus where me likey-likey hand gestures are in. But this underrated choreography in the list is superb!

The dance break highlights the perfect body line of TWICE when dancing, especially Momo as the main dancer of the group. The choreo is refreshing and appealing in the eyes; showcasing how versatile the members are in dancing new kinds of dance styles. How could they be more perfect?

As we await their comeback this upcoming August 26, let me know if you agree with my five best TWICE dance breaks!

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