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Team Kahoy or Team Puti: Tips on Picking Your Home Aesthetic

Team Kahoy or Team Puti: Tips on Picking Your Home Aesthetic

Building your forever home is a big deal, and many homeowners want to get involved in every process possible. One of the most extensive processes in making your home is picking its overall aesthetic or feel. Be it in terms of your interior design or pieces of furniture, there is a myriad of choices that you can easily get lost on.

So whether you’re deciding on having a team puti or team kahoy aesthetic for your home, here are some tips on how to make sure that you’re picking the right home aesthetic.

Look inside and outside of your home

Your home aesthetic should not feel out of place. So, check on both the environment outside of your home and the structural design inside.

In terms of the outside environment, consider basing it on whether you live in an urban or rural area. A more modern design may be more fitting if you live in an urban environment. However, a bohemian aesthetic may suit your place if you live in a rural setting.

Considering your structural design should also be one of your priorities. Check whether there are structures inside your house that you want to emphasize or deemphasize; for example, a narrow entryway may work best with a minimalist aesthetic.

Start with your overall color

Before picking up a home aesthetic, first, decide what colors you want to use for each room. Many homemakers tend to choose their home aesthetic first and make the colors work around it. But, remember, your room’s color is what sticks out the most, not just to your guests but also to you. So, pick colors that you will feel the most comfortable in and will make you feel at home the most.

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Pick defining things/pieces of furniture

Now that you have colors to work around, it is time to make your home aesthetic dreams come to life. The best way to materialize your dream aesthetic is by using defining things and furniture in your home. For example, one can instantly tell that your house is sporting a modern farmhouse aesthetic if you use reclaimed wood and barnboard details. So, make sure to research the common elements used in your chosen home aesthetic.

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Incorporate things that you love

It would not feel like your home if you stuck tightly to your home aesthetic and did not incorporate your favorite things in it. So, do not be afraid to put your favorite items in your home. You can leave it as is, or give it a new look so it will be cohesive with your home aesthetic. For example, if you have a painting that you love, but you do not feel as though it fits with your home aesthetic, you can repaint its frames in accordance with your running color scheme so it will not feel misplaced at all.

Seek an expert’s opinion

We cannot help but feel biased on a home aesthetic and style that we picked and designed. To avoid this, then, you should consider seeking an expert’s opinion. An expert opinion can provide you with technical suggestions that you can apply to your home to guarantee that you are maximizing your space and ensuring your safety at the same time. In addition, an outsider’s opinion can make you see what does not work well for your house.

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Much as your home will be with you forever, it also reflects who and what you are as an individual. So, when picking a home aesthetic to follow, make sure you make an informed choice and not just ride on the many current design trends.

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