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Danice tells the story of the eldest child in a conservative household

Danice tells the story of the eldest child in a conservative household

Danice, being the eldest child, knows how heavy it feels to be the firstborn. The responsibility, obligations, and expectations are incomparable. You have to mature at a young age. There are times that you have to take care of your siblings, especially when your parents are not at home. Expectations are on another level.

The pressure hits hard and feels like you are living according to how the people around you want you to live. You will live in fear of them being disappointed by you. Even tougher if you have an old school and conservative family. The distribution of household chores is in line traditionally. How do you think the eldest child lives with this?

Danice tells the story of the eldest child in a conservative household

Growing up, Danice being the eldest child, has always been there for her siblings. When someone fights with them or belittles her sisters, she stands up for them. If her siblings cannot express themselves and their parents cannot understand them, she speaks for them.

Danice shares how pressured she is because of the high expectations of her. Academically, her mother told her to have a high score on her exams. She often gets scolded by her mother every time she has a low score on an exam.

The eldest child Danice experiences how much her parents wanted her to have a Latin honor. Unfortunately, she was not able to achieve it on her graduation day. However, Danice was happy that she made it through college despite this.

But, that is not the end of it. Of course, finding a stable job after graduation is crucial. Expectations and pressure are much higher. A typical family would want you to find a job as soon as you finish college. And that’s how it went for Danice.

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The mindset that we have has something to do with how we perceive the situation that is happening to us. You decide what will happen to you, and remember that each decision has a responsibility that comes along with it.

“Do not tolerate your satisfaction with the bad thing that is happening to you. Cheer up! Remind yourself that all the things that you want and you do are for you too.”

Danice Llido

Each person has their own responsibility. The difference is how they handle the situation and how they react to it. Even so, never deprive yourself of the happiness that you deserve. Find comfort with your friends, your family, or your loved one.

Most importantly, love yourself and know your worth. You deserve every good thing in the world. Be proud of what you have accomplished so far.

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