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Early Morning Activities to Effectively Kick-Start Your Day

Early Morning Activities to Effectively Kick-Start Your Day

Waking up early in the morning is probably one, if not our topmost, dreaded daily life activity. Having to sleep until you feel well-rested enough is just one of those many simple desires we take pleasure in as adults. But, more often than not, that desire becomes a luxury we cannot afford, especially in adulthood.

With a busy work schedule and a long list of tasks on our hands, waking up and starting early is not even an option. It is a must! Although doing so may be extra challenging for most of us. Therefore, we continue to search for ways to solve this morning dread. For this reason, listed below are:

A Few Early Morning Activities to Help Us Kick-start Our Days

1. Rehydration

Drinking water first thing in the morning is an effective way to kick-start one’s day. Rehydrating helps replenish bodily fluids lost during long hours of sleep, and it also prevents the body from suffering from dehydration. As dehydration is associated with decreasing mental performance, drinking water helps reverse dehydration and its side effects.

However, it is important to note that staying hydrated is not only most important early in the morning but throughout the day. So, remember that when you feel the urge to drink water, make sure to do so.

2. Catch Some Morning Rays

Besides benefitting from vitamin D, did you know that exposure to the sun’s rays also helps increase your serotonin levels? Serotonin is a hormone that is responsible for boosting an individual’s mood which also helps a person feel calm and more focused. Therefore, exposure to the sun’s rays helps increase the brain’s release of the hormone. This, in turn, helps people become more attentive and focused throughout the day.

3. Play Puzzles

Playing puzzles is another morning activity that can effectively kick-start your day. It is said that to keep our minds sharp, we must engage in a regular cognitive workout. According to studies, regularly playing puzzle games can stimulate cognitive function. It can also help increase your focus, concentration, and your memory. You may try solving Jigsaw puzzles, scrabble, sudokus, crosswords, Rubik’s cube, chess, and the like.

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4. Do Some Morning Meditation

According to Insider, one of the healthiest ways to begin your day is by practicing morning meditation. By adding morning meditations to your early regimen, the practice helps train our minds to focus and redirect our thoughts. Furthermore, meditation becomes a way for us to reduce stress and develop good concentration. By regularly engaging in meditation, it can increase the strength and endurance of your attention and accuracy while completing a task.

5. Make a To-Do List

Ever felt overwhelmed and lost in the middle of tons of work that are due the same day? To organize your thoughts and save some time later in the day, start writing down to-do lists every morning. Through this, you get to accomplish all the important things first and visualize what would become your day’s flow properly. Above all, you don’t get to miss any work, and you also get to prioritize your tasks. It’s an easy practice you can incorporate that can help start your day efficiently.

Start all of your mornings right by incorporating these few simple activities into your early morning routines. By doing so, these routines can help you kick-start your days in more effective ways.

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