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Study Tips: Beating Deadlines as a Procrastinator

Study Tips: Beating Deadlines as a Procrastinator

Studying and being productive differs from one person to another. And sometimes, procrastinating can be as effective as starting things from the get-go. After all, there really is nothing one can do when you just do not have the drive to do assigned tasks. So, to my fellow procrastinators, who are probably procrastinating right now, here are some study tips that you can do to jumpstart or at least simulate your productivity!

Study Tips for Procrastinators

Plan Ahead

Taking the time to start doing your tasks can take up so much strength. However, planning how you would do your chores or what the process would look like is not as exhausting as one may think. So, use your procrastinating time to plan things ahead. Think of the essential details you need to remember, list bullet points, or start getting supplies; anything that can be classified as planning, do it. After all, having a concrete plan regarding your tasks takes out the stress of thinking and the panic that may come once you start to actually do your tasks.

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Break Your Tasks Into Tiny Pieces

A huge task can be overwhelming to accomplish from the get-go. So, break your task up into tiny, bite-sized pieces. For example, if you need to write a paper, you can start by just writing its introduction. After a while, you can follow up with its body. And after another time, write its conclusion. You do not need to accomplish a task from start to finish in one sitting; as long as you are making progress, even if it is baby steps, it is still acceptable.

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Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is the enemy of procrastinating. Trying to juggle many things at once will make your body and mind more cluttered and eventually shut down, furthering your procrastination. So, sort out what task needs to be done immediately and finish it first before starting another one. Again, you do not need to complete the said task in one sitting, but you must ensure it is the only task you focus on.

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Trick Yourself

As procrastinators, our bodies and minds just do not seem to work unless the deadline is near. So, trick yourself up and create a more immediate deadline for your task. Your own deadline does not need to be weeks away from the original deadline. It can be hours or days away; just make sure it will make you act up earlier and not make you miss the original one.

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Maximize Sudden Bursts of Energy

It could be a procrastinator’s thing, but there are jolts of energy and motivation that will suddenly come rushing into you. Use it. Do not let it pass and eventually run out without utilizing it to tick off some things you need to accomplish. If used well, those sudden bursts of energy could be just what you need to get out of your procrastinating cycle.

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Procrastinating is not always analogous to laziness. Some of us really just have a hard time trying to get ourselves to do things. And procrastinating is not for everyone, so make sure to find a method and process of productivity that fits you perfectly.

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