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Make your study desk Pinterest-worthy with these simple steps!

Make your study desk Pinterest-worthy with these simple steps!

It’s the universal truth that everything looks prettier online. It almost looks impossible to replicate a Pinterest-worthy study desk within budget. When the new norm is online classes, where you study reflects how you study. Having a study desk that looks good and works for you increases your productivity. As a student, you can’t really spend much (unless you’re a working student), so you’ll need to be both thrifty and practical in how you curate your study desk.

Here are some ways for anyone to do to bring the study desk of their dreams into reality.

Make a mood board

The best outcome starts with a good vision. Before you start filling up your online cart with everything you want, figure out what you actually want. The best way to do this is by going straight to the source. Scrolling through Pinterest and researching different aesthetic study desks can help you put a pin on what your ideal study desk looks like. When you have consolidated all the photos you like, create your mood board. Your mood board is your map for creating your dream study desk at home.

Keep it organized

A study desk shouldn’t just look pretty, it also needs to be functional.

Keeping everything neat in your study desk goes a long way. Create a system where everything you need is within your reach and doesn’t look cluttered to your eye. Keep everything neat and orderly. By eliminating anything distracting, you can focus on your tasks. For example, I like using drawer and desk organizers to easily see which office supplies I’m currently running low for. You can use folders, letter trays, desk organizers, or even file boxes. You can buy new ones online or in stores or you can even repurpose old projects. It doesn’t really matter what you use, what matters is whether it works for you.

Invest in the right equipment

The downside of having everything easily available online is the temptation of buying things you don’t actually need or a lower quality product because it is cheaper. On the flip side, there are some really awesome steals online. You’ll need to be both thrifty and logical when making your dream study desk.

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Look at your mood board and list the things you’ll need to buy. From there, divide the things you’ll need into big purchases (like office chairs or electronic gadgets) and small purchases (like posters and figurines). You’ll need to keep in mind which of them you’ll need to prioritize in your budget. Do research your best options and think about long-term effects rather than the instant gratification of having a pretty desk. You don’t what to end up with an aesthetically-pleasing study desk where everything looks right but works against you in terms of functionality.

Your study desk is your school, workplace, and study area all rolled into one. While it’s important to make it look good, a Pinterest-worthy desk isn’t just about the aesthetic. It’s about whether it’s an environment that allows and encourages you to study well and focus on what you need to get done for the day.

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