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MAMA isn’t getting boring, we are just “growing up”

MAMA isn’t getting boring, we are just “growing up”

It’s finally the K-Pop year-end award season once again! As I turn on my MAMA 2022 livestream, so many beautiful and handsome idols are posing for the red carpet. I patiently wait for my favorite groups… waiting and waiting. Where is NCT? How about EXO? Is Red Velvet here? And then it hit me.

Oh… it’s not my generation anymore.

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The end of an era.

The era where my favorite lineup is nowhere to be found. When I checked my Twitter, I could see so many dismayed reactions from older-generation fans. I understand their sentiments; however, I disagree with their opinion that the MAMA Awards are getting boring. Simply because I think that we are just growing up.

Here are reasons why I think senior supporters find MAMA entertaining no more.

Their favorite artists are not in the lineup.

Now, this is the most obvious reason why. Fans, especially those who are loyal to a certain group, tend to support only their faves until the end. Nothing could convince them to check out the young legends in the making, because that’s how dedicated they are. There is nothing wrong with their preferences, for as long as they avoid throwing hateful comments toward new artists. Remember, your idols also started from the bottom while performing in MAMA.

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Priorities change in life.

Yikes… this is a personal attack! During my teenage days, I devoted almost all of my time to supporting my idols. It was that age when I was carefree and never had to worry about heavy commitments. But now that I’m older, I start to recognize my adulting responsibilities; thus, losing focus on recreational things like K-Pop.

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It is not their cup of tea.

Everyone has their own music tastes, and that’s okay! It is undeniable how the K-Pop genre has shifted its variety over the years; maybe older fans prefer their generation’s beats. Personally, I still enjoy the current K-Pop songs and keep up with the latest trends. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help myself but reminisce about those days that built my childhood. Music is universal, it has the power to connect or disconnect somebody, and I guess the latter happened to others.

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K-Pop burnout is real.

Yes, too much K-Pop can burn you out. If you compare the new to the old, the influx of youngsters debuting is evident, which is overwhelming to memorize. K-Pop idols are produced everywhere, and honestly, some groups are bound to lose uniqueness among the sea of thousand of stars. It is probably why some fans no longer have an interest in new groups. They might think it is exhausting to repeat the same cycle overload times already.

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The 4th Generation is the future of K-Pop.

Once again, MAMA or any other yearly award show isn’t getting boring. We aren’t just used to seeing the unforgettable people that highlighted our golden years as K-Pop fans. So I will never understand the hate for youthful superstars who have dreams and a passion to perform. Standing on MAMA stage, there’s Stray Kids, (G)-IDLE, ITZY, TXT, TREASURE, ENHYPEN, IVE, NMIXX, TEMPEST, LE SSERAFIM, and many more. Whether we admit it or not, they will undoubtedly continue the shining legacy and be the next future of K-Pop.

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Korean pop music is supposed to be enjoyable. Let us keep it that way and avoid engaging in fan wars by being hypocrites. After all, the 4th generation’s journey is similar to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd batches of idols’ experiences before.

What is your favorite K-Pop generation and why? Comment down below!

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