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Songs to Listen to When You’re in a Bad Mood

Songs to Listen to When You’re in a Bad Mood

From a nasty mood to a bad day, it’s all horrible! Tune it up with a few songs!

Apparently, everyone already has it. It seems to be inevitable! Bad days happen occasionally, but it’s alright. It is human nature; unpleasant mood changes. We have our own set of despair triggers — things that send us instantly into a melancholic state.

Now, you waste your time feeling sorry for yourself over insignificant losses, rejection, and the overall injustices of life. Every minute of hopelessness robs you of enjoyment and productivity. Your time is being diverted away from your passion, relationships, and your personal development. It just becomes problematic when we hold on to negativity. It occupies you and deflects your attention away from your purpose, mission, and even your daily life. That kind of lingering melancholy leads to an unproductive and unpleasant life.

So, chill and listen to these uplifting songs that will surely turn things around! Make your day better again.

Here are some songs I listen to when I’m in a bad mood:

IDGAF by Dua Lipa

Who doesn’t know it? IDGAF stands for I Don’t Give a Fuck. This song is perfect for your raging bad energy. The song is about a past lover who randomly calls after a long time, leading you puzzled as hell. Feel and sing along to Dua Lipa’s hottest hit and your bad mood will be instantly alleviated.

Scared to Be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa

Scared to be lonely hits differently. The lyrics portray how people always wanted someone in their life. Also, it pertains to the need for love and affection because we are all scared to be lonely at a certain point in our lives.

Listen to this song and let the lyrics sink in. As you listen to this, your bad mood will fade.

Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

Red (Taylor's Version)

This song is ideal for expressing how unbothered you are by gossip around you. Doesn’t it just happen? Don’t try to refute it. Backstabbers are common in everyone’s lives. Listen to Taylor’s smash “Look What you made me do” to feel the vengeful energy. Sing your heart out, and release that bad energy!

Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Oasis 

This song tells you to quit dwelling on the past and instead look forward to what is to come and enjoy the present. Stop crying your heart out comforts us that you shouldn’t worry too much about the bad days that are already over.

Build Me Up Buttercup by Foundation

They are just some of the songs I indulged myself in whenever I’m in a bad mood. Build Me Buttercup is on the lists! Hit that play button and sing along with this song and feel like it’s the merriest song on earth. 

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Stitches – Shawn Mendez

This song is sure to serve you that much-needed bad-day kick-up-the-bum! Duet with Shawn Mendez and sing the chorus part where the tempo blends well with your bad mood! Sing this off and shout the bad energy with its chorus! 

2002 – Anne Marie

Who doesn’t heard of Anne Marie’s 2002? This uplifting music will surely banish all the blues you’re feeling. As well as that, listening to 2002 makes me easily forget my bad mood. It’s a lovely hit that is full of nostalgia and memories! Definitely a good refresher for me. 

I know. There is nothing really special in my playlists, but these songs helped me cope with my bad days. Try it too. Who knows? It might also help you grapple with the grump and save the day!

But how about you? What are your bad mood banishers?

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