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Row Keys ‘Presensiya’ is for all our ghosted peers out there

Row Keys ‘Presensiya’ is for all our ghosted peers out there

Row Keys, the all-siblings alternative rock band, celebrated their vocalist, Raffy Roque’s birthday last October 28 by releasing their brand-new song, ‘Presensiya.’ This debut single is just in time for Halloween, following its story derived from a personal “ghosting” experience.

Raffy, their female front, cannot help but reminisce how ‘Presensiya’ was first brought into life during her Mathematics class. Indeed, one’s creativity would sometimes come out at the most unexpected time. It narrates how loneliness and confusion arise when a person’s love interest vanishes into thin air. Adding to its “feels” was the rap part written with Roshanna, her sister.

Photo Source: Rakista Records

Row Keys, composed of four exemplary individuals named Raffy Roque (22), Rebecca Roque (24), Roshanna Roque (17), and Raine Roque (14), recently signed a contract under the music label Rakista Records on August 31. The reality, which was once a magical dream, started with Raffy, who joined several television shows like Eat Bulaga, I Can See Your Voice, and The Clash. With all their hard work and manifestations, people would often describe them as “sibling goals.”

The Roque siblings believed that their sister was the universe’s way of telling them how, in no time, they would be performing as one. Now, the band is also in preparation for their upcoming songs, despite working on their careers as students and young professionals.

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Photo Source: Row Keys

Better not waste time, as the band’s debut single is now on various music platforms. Stream ‘Presensiya’ of Row Keys, and make sure to have this added to your must-have music playlist.

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