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We found a new favorite ready-to-guzzle cold-brew coffee brand

We found a new favorite ready-to-guzzle cold-brew coffee brand


Coffee has a universal love affair with people. Most of us rely on it to function well, given that our jobs require so much from what only we can. If you’re a coffee-lover, you definitely heard about cold-brew coffee, which has become one of today’s fastest-growing beverage trends. Unlike the regular hot-brew, it has a smoother coffee taste that’s less acidic, perfect for millennials’ appetite.

The story behind Akma Coffee

Akma Coffee is one of the various shops that offer handcrafted cold-brew coffee made from locally-sourced beans. We are lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with one of its owners Martin Allen “Marty” Claudio. He talked about the story behind their business and their goal of helping local coffee farmers in these times of difficulty.
“Akma Coffee was a business my partner and I put up out of love for single-origin specialty coffee and cold brew. It started as a passion project during ECQ since most coffee places like Starbucks and third-wave coffee shops are closed in our area in Paranaque.
We saw an opportunity and need for ready-to-drink cold brew coffee that can be enjoyed at home especially everyone is working from home now. At the same time, we wanted to showcase local coffee beans and help coffee farmers in our own small way by buying locally-sourced beans especially during this pandemic. 

With that in mind, our logo was inspired by the traditional tattoos of tribes from the Cordilleras and Mindanao, the source of our beans. As part of our mission to showcase and promote Philippine coffee, our design represents the rich culture reflected in the world-class coffee of the Philippines. 

What makes Akma Coffee special

Just like any other business, Akma Coffee had a difficult time during their pre-production, given the strict travel restrictions due to the community quarantine.

“When we were starting out, the biggest challenge was research and development, from choosing the right beans, partner roastery and the whole brewing process. We wanted our cold brew to cater to a wider audience by coming up with a smooth and great tasting blend that can be enjoyed as is. 

When asked about what makes their product special, Marty said:

“We bring fresh handcrafted cold brew using only locally-sourced 100% Arabica single-origin beans. [We] envision a prosperous coffee industry that benefits all stakeholders in the coffee supply chain. [We] want to make sure that the beans are traceable and ethically produced. Also, we made sure that our packaging is sustainable and environment-friendly by choosing amber glass bottles that can be recycled/upcycled since it can be used in a variety of ways once the cold brew has been consumed. As much as possible, we also minimize our plastic usage in our packaging too by opting for abaca mat and strings instead of plastic bags. 

Business talks 

Starting up a business is not and will never be easy as it requires commitment, enough knowledge, and money. But more than these, Marty believes that knowing and understanding your passion is a pre-requisite for startup entrepreneurs.
“Start the business for all the right reasons. You feel for the cause, you feel for the topic, you are passionate about it. Money is not the right reason. Presumed “cool” quotient attached to being an entrepreneur is not the right reason.

As a businessman, Marty values the importance of excellent customer service, good branding, and well-planned execution.

“Providing top notch customer service. Do your best to make each customer feel important and special. People nowadays really appreciate simple gestures like adding a personal touch like adding a note or text message.


 “Humanize your brand/business. Big or small, the brand that feels most human is likely to win the business. Sales are important for a business to thrive and survive but people are easily turned off if it’s all about selling your product, for example posting hard sell content on social media. There should always be a balance and make sure that your consumers feel appreciated. 


 Always have a plan. Business planning is about regularly setting goals, tracking your progress toward those goals, and making changes to your business as you learn more about your customers. In many cases, business is much like war. There is a need to employ strategies that lead to the ultimate success of your business.”


The Main Goal

Marty hopes to open his own coffee shop near or by the beach since he loves to surf. In fact, his goal looks like this: to see more Filipinos appreciate and enjoy local beans and coffee.

“Coffee businesses should promote practices that improve producer livelihoods, protect areas of biodiversity, and yield higher quality coffees.”

To order Akma Coffee, you can directly send a message to their Instagram and Facebook page.

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