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Reasons why we love SHE Cosmetics 4-in-1 Dual Cover Crystal Skin Cushion

Reasons why we love SHE Cosmetics 4-in-1 Dual Cover Crystal Skin Cushion

Just in case you didn’t know (probably living under a rock), Kris Bernal has her own cosmetics company, SHE Cosmetics. Collaborating with Korean brand Nuni Busher, she recently launched the 4-in-1 Dual Cover Crystal Skin Cushion. It consists of a highlighter, contour, a lip-and-cheek cream and cushion.

Why do we love Nuni Busher X SHE Cosmetics 4-in-1 Dual Cover Crystal Skin Cushion?

Easy to use

SHE has a pointed droplet-shaped Rubycell puff that doesn’t get destroyed even after crumpling it over and over. With one push of the puff in the cushion, it can already cover more than half of your face. The formula allows its user to blend the foundation easily to the skin. With the medium to full coverage, it can already serve as a concealer that completely covers skin imperfections.

Unique product

With cushion foundations already existing in the market, Kris has to think of a way to make it more unique. That’s when the 4-in-1 effect comes in. The highlighter gives off a natural glow while the cream contour softly chisels one’s face. The lip and cheek, on the other hand, creates a plump effect on the lips and a natural bloom on the cheeks.

Final look

The cushion foundation left a luminous glow on the face. Aside from its dewy effect, it remains non-sticky and long lasting. With the humid weather in the Philippines, these truly remains a unique product to purchase. The versatile creams on the palette completes the whole look with a velvety finish.


The product caters to Filipina skin tones with only has two shades: No. 23 Natural Beige and No. 27 Warm Beige. Unfortunately, the cost of its production remained the reason why the product couldn’t cater to people with lighter or darker skin tones. The No. 23 Natural Beige has a cool and light undertone with hues of pink which accommodates people with fair skin tone.

Meanwhile, the No. 27 Warm Beige aka the Morena Beige has a golden peachy and/or honey glow. Although it caters to morena women, melanin-gifted Filipinas still lack the choice of darker shades. For future references, Kris may produce more shades for people with lighter and hopefully, darker skins.

Aside from that, Bernal may even think of producing refills to make the brand sustainable. This way, SHE Cosmetics can push through a path of less plastic waste for a nontoxic environment. Since the cushion is a compact, the refillable remains easily recyclable for another make-up related use.

You can buy the Nuni Busher X SHE Cosmetics 4-in-1 Dual Cover Crystal Skin Cushion on the website, shecosmeticsph.com. Aside from the website, people can also purchase the product on Shopee, shopee.ph/order.shecosmetics

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