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It’s time for a little pampering session at Faces and Curves BGC!

It’s time for a little pampering session at Faces and Curves BGC!

Self-care products and services are so in demand. Imagine the treatments you could get all in one place. Treat yourself to a little pamper session and relax after a whole day of stress in the Metro. Here’s everything you need to know about the new branch of Faces and Curves in BGC!

Faces and Curves is in BGC!

To put it simply, Faces and Curves can address multiple skin concerns in one consultation. The brand keeps their procedure in a medically approach using high-end machines for their services. BGC branch President Zaldy Herrera shared reasons why it’s important to pamper yourselves at Faces and Curves.

“We’ve always been very vocal with our procedure that we do in a medical approach… We cure from the inside. For example, you are currently experiencing a pimple break-out. Pricking the pimples may be the simplest and easiest solution. However, we cure where the problem starts.”

Aside from their approach, Faces and Curves remains competitive in the market in terms of services and especially, their prices. Although you can get some of their services to other clinics, they have it in a much lower price and an even better formula.

“Faces and Curves have been in the industry for nineteen years. When we decided to have a branch in BGC, we were already confident that it will pick up. Although it took a while, we were still happy that it did. Our prices are competitive in the market.”

“You will get the same services that high end clinics offer at a lower and much affordable price. Most of our clients are office workers. So, the amount of our customers always starts to pick up around three to four in the afternoon after their office hours end. Although there are still clients who will go during the lunch time, they only avail facial services.”

Differences between Faces and Curves’ branches at Greenhills and BGC.

Although the BGC branch has three rotating doctors, they also have Head Doctors Dr. Jay Recasata and his wife, Dra. Shiela Recasata doing procedures for their clients.

“Right now, Dr. Jay Recasata is our Head Doctor. He is actually a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Meanwhile, his wife, Dr. Shiela Recasata, remains a dermatologist. Aside from them, we also have three doctors that rotates their schedule for the clients. The difference between our branch in Greenhills and here in BGC, they can offer surgical services such as nose lift, face lift and liposuction among others. Here in BGC, we currently only offer purely medical aesthetics services.”

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Photo from Faces and Curves | Facebook

Self-care at its finest!

Is it really worth the time? Yes! Self-care is important for one’s physical health as well as your mind, soul and let’s face it, your overall health. Although it’s important, some people think it’s selfish or inconsiderate. Without self-care, relationship with others can suffer tremendously. It actually makes you more effective and energetic.

Photo from Faces and Curves | Facebook

Once you avoid taking care of yourself, it depletes your physical and mental health. It produces positive feelings and improves your confidence. Faces and Curves help customers to feel comfortable and happier in their own skin and body.

“Sometimes, what your mind believes, that’s what your body achieves. If you’re happy with the service, it will definitely reflect. So, of course, it will give you a boost of confidence when you truly feel beautiful. Health will always be a priority. What would you do with beauty if you remain unhealthy? If you remain unhealthy, it will reflect to your physical appearance and outlook. Good health comes with glowing and moisturized skin.”

Photo from Faces and Curves | Facebook

For more details and information, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Faces-Curves-118952181449726/

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