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Skin and Beyond introduces Pia Guanio as their newest brand ambassador

Skin and Beyond introduces Pia Guanio as their newest brand ambassador

The demand for beauty and skin care continues to skyrocket as more consumers become more attentive towards their skin. The modern Filipina has started investing towards procedures and enhancements to boost their confidence, empowering themselves in the process. Aesthetic and wellness center Skin and Beyond remains a pioneer in skin’s health and wellness.

Skin and Beyond is for everyone!

Skin and Beyond offers services and products at a more affordable prince range. Of course, this makes skin care and aesthetics made for everyone. The clinic also ensures quality services at affordable prices, assuring clients wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with the steep cost of procedures. The aesthetics and wellness center just celebrated their first anniversary on Friday, January 31.

With various regular clients present at the event,  President and CEO Dr. John Paul Pareja definitely didn’t miss out on the joyous occasion.

“We want everyone to know that aesthetics is not only limited for the elite women but it can be for everyone.”

Being in the industry for three years, the center continues to provide quality services and products. Aside from that, this includes irresistible promotions that clients could not say no to. Special promotions like 50% Off on laser procedures and more were some of the deals that you can avail most especially in celebration of the Tomas Morato Prime clinic’s first year anniversary. This remains a way for modern Filipinos to include and give importance to their skin care and wellness.

Skin and Beyond introduces Pia Guanio-Mago as newest brand ambassadors.

Known for her grace and elegance, Pia Guanio-Mago exudes the embodiment of a modern Filipina giving importance to their personal health and wellness. The clinic, then, relaunched the brand through a press conference on February 13 at the Luxent Hotel, announcing Pia as the newest brand ambassadors. Aside from Pia, other ambassadors also graced the event. Of course, this includes host and model Princess Legaspi and stand-up comedian Alex Calleja.

Feel the relaxing touch of our quality machines and specialists as together, we can create a whole different you and beyond. 

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