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The beauty of KPOP cupsleeve events

The beauty of KPOP cupsleeve events

Cupsleeve events are one of the most memorable and fun ways to celebrate your KPOP idol’s achievement, birthday, or even milestone. These are the times where local fans gather together in a place, mostly in a cafe or restaurant where they can bond, meet, and have fun.

What are cupsleeve events?

Cupsleeve events are mainly initiated by fan bases, or dedicated fans of the fandom. Sometimes, they are hosted on the exact birthday of the KPOP idol, or often during weekends. Hosts consider the schedule of other fans who are studying or working during weekdays. The main highlight of these events are the cup sleeves which come with cute designs. Attendees can also keep them home as a souvenir! They also come with other inclusions like photocards, postcards, and other types of freebies which vary according to the hosts or organizer of the event.

Requirements prior to the cupsleeve events

Cafes usually require the attendees to buy any beverage or food for them to utilize the place for the event. Other than that, it’s all up to the organizers if they will require the event goers to pay prior to the event date. The price usually costs 100php to 300php, depending on the kit inclusions.

A way to bond with you co-fans

The most fun part in cupsleeve events is meeting with your co-fans! You get to meet and enjoy the moment with someone who shares the same interests with you. You can even create more friends during the event. Some cupsleeve events also organize fun activities, games, and even raffle for official goods which will definitely make your cupsleeve event more memorable!

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Where can I find them?

The hosts usually post them on twitter. You can also spot the posters on other online sites like Facebook or Instagram. Some event poster can be seen as early as one month prior to the event. You can plan and schedule as early as you can.

If you’re a KPOP fan, then this event is definitely for you! Have you attended cupsleeve events before? Let us know in the comment section!

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