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One Dream: How TXT became the representation of today’s youth

One Dream: How TXT became the representation of today’s youth

The boy group TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER), is a 5-member group under HYBE Labels that debuted on March 4, 2019, with their song ‘Crown.’

Ever since their debut, the anticipation for their music grows and the group becomes more inspired to conquer the KPOP and International scene, introducing a sound that’s popular to today’s generation of youth.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER in my memory as MOA & K-Pop fan

Growing up I already had an idea of what K-Pop was, but I never had a chance to discover my taste and liking until TXT came. Before being a fan, I first noticed them in their Japanese song ‘Everlasting Shine’ which was featured in one of my favorite anime series Black Clover. Since then I have noticed and watched their Japanese performance of that song.

Photo from: Twitter/@TXTPICS

Not long after, I realized that they are not a Japanese band but from K-Pop. Afterward, the fanboy within me finally came out. Also, of course, because of this, I needed to know their names, the group’s history, their discography, and plans for their career. Knowing these made me understand that this group is different. Right there and then, I became a MOA (MOMENTS OF ALWAYSNESS), their fandom name.

TXT as the leader of 4th Gen K-Pop and representation of youth

After their debut, TXT was well received by fans having won major rookie awards in South Korea. It cemented them as one of the Grand Slam Rookies, alongside ITZY. Furthermore, this motivated them to continue to grow and be inspired by their fans. Today, the group never stops making music and honing their skills as they step on another journey.

Photo from: Twitter/@TXT_scans

TXT’s discography also plays a major role in how the group represents the youth well. With their insanely good music and cohesive concept, you will never get bored as a fan. They also portray intricate storylines. As a fan, I’m still analyzing and crawling my way to these because they are insane.

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Aside from these, when it comes to the vibe of their songs, most of them are lively and have a good rhythm. Nevertheless, the underlying message of the lyrics are superb. As a listener, I won’t notice it at first because, of course, I don’t understand their language. Nevertheless, reading the translation makes me realize how deep it is.

It just shows that music is universal—that we are not divided by language barriers. Tackling depression, loneliness, growing as an individual, and finding a way to freedom and success are some of the things I find interesting in their song lyrics.

In conclusion, TXT is one of the unique gems of K-Pop. There’s no doubt that they are well received and praised by fans because they deserve it. As a listener, I appreciate how their music relates to us—to the youth. TOMORROW X TOGETHER, the future of K-Pop!

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