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The kinds of love that will hit your life

The kinds of love that will hit your life

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said that there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.

Indeed. You live once. But you love a thousand lifetimes. You love someone at least a few times. And one day, you will love someone for a lifetime.

Love just happens. In times of good or in bad even in a crisis like the current pandemic.

There are love that hurts and there are those that heal. They may vary in time and situation but each has a unique impact on your life.

The Childhood crush

(Photo: The Little Rascals Facebook Page)

It is one of the beauties of childhood. To have someone awaken your little innocent heart is a chapter most of us have. They may be temporal, but they leave a space in our hearts that we’ll always treasure.

We will never forget that kid who made us love in a time of games of innocence.

Celebrity crush

(Photo: Maine Mendoza Facebook Page)

Most of the time, it ain’t a serious phase. To some, it’s a fantasy. To some, it’s a trend that goes away.

But one way or another, our celebrity crushes leave a mark on our lives, like me. I used to stan hard on Maine Mendoza. She was my ultimate celeb crush. Because of her, I like girls now who are smart, funny, and progressive.

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It’s not the romantic type really, but they shape your standards and your perception. If you stan the right celebrity, they can teach you the right things.


(Photo: Star Cinema)

To some, they are that one great love. To some, it’s the ultimate heartbreaker. Our TOTGA’s, to me, never really went away. For me, we grieve for our TOTGA’s. We do not go away from grief. The thing is we only grow bigger than our grief until we move forward.

The One True Love

Maybe it’s your childhood crush or an old flame. It could be, perhaps someone you admire from afar right now. And if not, maybe you are yet to meet that person. It can also be possible that it was right here all along.

One thing is for sure when it hits you, true love will never go away.

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