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Come Inside Of My Heart: Different Kinds of Love Languages

Come Inside Of My Heart: Different Kinds of Love Languages

Love languages featuring IV Of Spades

Every person is born unique and everybody has differences. And, of course, this meant that even love languages vary from one person to another. Furthermore, the way we express our love and admiration for someone may not be evident due to the fact that their interpretation differs from others. IV of Spades lead guitarist Blaster Silonga even talked about this in an interview. He pointed out how he had a different way of expressing his love for his friends and family. This also became an inspiration to one of their songs in the album CLAPCLAPCLAP!

Nasulat ko ‘yan kasi ang daming nagagalit sakin. Hindi ako sweet kaya parang akala nila ‘wala ka bang pake samin, Blaster? Tapos nasa isip ko ‘Hindi, kailangan niyo lang akong pilitin. Sweet naman ako sa inyo, kaya Come Inside Of My Heart na lang’. Tatawagan na lang kita ‘pag gusto mong tawagan kita. Mahiyain ako eh.

Come Inside Of My Heart: Different Kinds of Love Languages

Words of Affirmation

This includes those compliments that you love hearing from your partner’s mouths or reading from their messages. It’s the I love yousI miss yous, and any spoken or written affection. Of course, this includes surprise notes and letters. Most people use this to show their appreciation for the person and their efforts. This could also be a way to empathize and uplift a person.

Quality Time

I think this may be common to men because most of the men I knew prefer to have a bond with the people they love. However, this could be for women – like me. Personally, quality time became one of my love languages because I’ve become fond of spending time with my family and friends. This kind of love language includes uninterrupted time with the people that you care about –  may it be online or offline – giving time to spend with someone means you also give love to them. Because you offer even a minute out of your busy day without any divided attention.

love language of quality time
MindBodyGreen | Quality time

Gift Giving

This kind of love language includes material things given to the person that you care about and love the most. In addition, you believe that they deserve the material things uplift their mood all the time would be a clear sign that your way of expressing love is gift-giving.

gift-giving as a love language
Mental Floss | Gift-giving

Acts of Service

This kind of love language mainly includes helping a loved one and/or escorting them from one place to another. Moreover, this includes any acts that would help lighten the tasks of someone would be considered as an act of service. In addition, this could also mean that you will initiate to make meals for them and assuring them that you will be willing to help them in any way among others.

Physical Touch

Lastly, this kind of love language would be very common among most of us. Especially to touch starved individuals. It’s all about giving people some hugs, kisses, and massages among others. Furthermore, any non-verbal love language that includes physical touch would be considered in this love language. People with his kind of love language could also be considered touchy in some ways because of their eagerness to shower people with their physical touches.

physical touch as a love language
Withers Whisper | Physical Touch

Knowing your love language could be challenging because you can possess all five of them, or maybe four.

Anyway, you can take online quizzes with situational questions to find out. Remember, knowing your love language, as well as your partner’s, will become important in loving them correctly. Furthermore, we already know that communication is key. In addition, communicating with the person you really care for and understanding each other’s differences would be enough. Moreover, knowing the person’s love language would play a big role in keeping them because that would be enough to reciprocate your affection.

Remember to love the person in the way they needed to be loved, love the person according to their love language, and they shall do the same too. How about you, what’s your love language?

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