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Moira’s Painful Collaborations That Will Give You the ‘Feels’

Moira’s Painful Collaborations That Will Give You the ‘Feels’

Nothing compares to how Moira connects to her listener with her emotionally attaching masterpieces. Her musicality left a mark in the music industry and there will only be one ‘Moira’ in the Original Pilipino Music scene. With Moira alone, you could barely catch yourself crying. But, what more if she shares the floor with other amusing talents? BACK-TO-BACK HUGOT!

Photo Credit: Moira | Instagram

Moira has been open to collaborations with other equally talented artists. She is very much willing to share her artistry and come up with heart-wrenching performances.

Here are some of her remarkable collaborations that will surely make you emotional:

Patawad, Paalam with I Belong to the Zoo

Nakakatulong ba nung lumayo ako
‘Di ba ‘yon naman ang ‘yong ginusto

Goodbyes could definitely be painful sometimes. In this song with the Filipino band ‘I Belong to the Zoo’, the art of letting go was highlighted. It proved to everyone that letting go is the most painful yet essential part of separating ways in love. Surely, this song will bring out the vulnerability in everybody.

Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw with December Avenue

Kung ‘di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ang sarili na umibig pang muli

This collaboration with the band December Avenue, emphasizes the pain of a person who’s promising a genuine love. It screams a lot of a lover’s struggle of moving forward without his other half. The willingness to do everything despite being heartbroken will extremely be felt in the song.

Kahit Kunwari Man Lang with Agsunta

Kahit kunwari man lang
Inamin lang sana’ng nararamdaman

This song with Agsunta talks about the words left unsaid by a man to his lover. Definitely, falling in love with someone without the world knowing about it is too painful to handle. It is literally seeing your lover happy with another man without even letting your emotions out. Indeed, heartbreaking like its heartfelt interpretation.

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Pasalubong with Ben & Ben

Pasalubong naman
Sa’king nararamdaman
‘Pag umamin sayo
Sana ay mapagbigyan

This song with the iconic band Ben & Ben would definitely hit you with its message. Aside from the expected agonizing storytelling, it would lead you to reminisce about your own experience. The feelings which we associate ourselves with too many ‘what ifs’ in love. This masterpiece would make you ask yourself if it is worth the risk to confess your emotions to someone or not.

These are the collabs we are not emotionally prepared for but served to us with a back-to-back hugot! Will there be more collaborations awaiting Moira soon? That would definitely be something to look forward to!

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