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Sparkle Spell 2022: Top 10 Fashion Moments

Sparkle Spell 2022: Top 10 Fashion Moments

The month of October has to be one of the most-awaited seasons of the year. Not only that this month usher in the Christmas season, but it also kicks off the Spooky season which we all look forward to. All the stars we adore are extra-clad for the Halloween season. This year, the Spooky season has never been so exciting. After two years of at-home flexing Halloween costumes and outfits to now finally showcasing our Halloween ‘fits back outside.

The GMA Sparkle Artists prance their exciting Halloween looks during the Sparkle Spell Ball at XYLO at the Palace. GMA’s first spooky and fashion-filled affair. As expected, the stars delivered horror, fun, camp, and fashion on the red carpet. Let’s take a moment for GMA’s Sparkle Spell Top 10 Fashion moments.

Ysabel Ortega

The moment you see the actress on the red carpet, you already know who she is that night! Ysabel shows how you can have a playful and risqué with your vision yet, still pull up with a well-executed look that lands perfectly just like how she and her team envisioned. All we can say is that “I hope the girlies are taking notes!” Because this is how you do a fun Halloween look without looking too costumey.

Ortega channels Natalie Portman as Black Swan from Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 film. She went on full dark glamour for the Sparkle Spell 2022 with this feathered tutu dress, reminiscent of the film’s ballerina black outfit. All were completed with bold and dark eye makeup and a black crystallized tiara.

Gabbi Garcia

From a film reference to a Pop-culture fashion moment, Gabbi Garcia taps into one of Britney Spears’ iconic red-carpet moments.

Gabbi Garcia went for full-denim glamor alongside her date Khalil Ramos who also committed to their inspo for the night, as the actress’ Justin Timberlake.

Rabiya Matteo

The beauty queen is scantily clad as the Disney Princess, Jasmine. We can all agree that she looks majestic in this turquoise blue ensemble, adorned with some jewels and gold to complete her Aladdin look

Jasmine Curtis

Meanwhile, Jasmine Curtis draws inspiration from one of the 1970’s pop-culture figures: Cher. The Actress went for a straight-raven hairstyle and the yellow bedazzled ensemble, reminiscent of Cher’s iconic look from the 70s. Joining her that night is her long-time boyfriend Jeff Ortega who became her Sonny to her Cher.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Jascurtissmith

Kyline Alcantara

Next on the list is the Gen-Z star Kyline who went campy and fun with her Grinch Halloween look.

From hair and makeup down to the whole ensemble, the star knows how to turn heads this spooky season and she is killing the game!

Andrea Torres

Another Disney character who walked down the red carpet is Andrea Torres as Ursula. The actress is a scene stealer in this villain glamour, all committed to the look with the full violet body paint for a complete Ursula effect.

Undeniably, Andrea opted to be bold, risqué, and fun with this Ursula look. Who would’ve thought you can still be pretty and alluring with this Ursula inspo?

Kylie Padilla

Another stunning Halloween look with a film reference is Kylie Padilla channeling Mia Wallace from the film Pulp Fiction.

We are loving Kylie in this bob hair, and that cigar? One-hundred-percent Mia Wallace!

Athena Madrid

Conversely, while most of the stars draw inspos from international figures and references, Athena paid homage to one of Philippine TV’s iconic characters. None other than Marimar!

Athena looks ethereal as Marimar in this pearl-beaded ensemble delivering nostalgia on the red carpet. Athena as Marimar is just iconic as Marimar herself!

Michelle Dee

When one channels a superhero they usually opt for Wonder Woman. For Michelle Dee, as a Filipina, it is important for her to embody a Filipina Warrior figure. She stuns as the Heroine from Pangasinan named Urduja.

She rocks the look with her femme-fatale energy and sensuality!

Roxie Smith

Lastly, Sparkada’s very own Roxie Smith proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with as she delivers Maddy Perez glamour on the red carpet. She goes all out, showing off some skin and bedazzled just like Alexa Demie in Euphoria.

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